146 useful French words related to social media

As an active blogger, copy writer and advocate of social media I’m always a bit dubious whether my responses to French companies – especially on Twitter – are grammatically correct.


I never have to worry again as recently someone pointed me in the direction of a great language-learning website Talk in French which has simplified communication in French for non-native speakers like me.  French has a lot of slang, and with the emergence of social media platforms a whole new online language has been created which is hard enough to grasp in English, let alone French.

Frédéric Bibard is the founder of Talk in French and he has kindly given me permission to post his free download ‘146 useful French words related to social media’ which I’m sharing as I’m certain many other people will find them useful too.

Download his helpful list here: 146 useful french words related to social media

If you like this download, please visit the Talk in French website.  I’m not affiliated to it or a salesperson on behalf of the content, but I really think it is a great resource and learning tool for French language and Frédéric has really mastered the tricky concept of keeping language-learning fun, entertaining and useful without over complicating learners with jargon, grammar or unnecessary phrases.

Website:  http://www.talkinfrench.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/talkinfrench



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