Fire Risk Map for the Var forests

Each day in summer until the end of September, the Département of the Var publishes daily updates before 7pm for the next day regarding fire risks in the region.

This information is particularly useful if you are planning to hike, go mountain biking or picnic in the forests or coastal zones as the Var and Côte d’Azur regions are sometimes placed on alerts for fire danger if there are extended dry periods. As we have seen in past years, high temperatures and Mistral winds can push the fires across large areas of forest.

Sadly there are also fires that start from fireworks, open fires or careless people throwing their cigarette butts into nature so be vigilant!

The Fire Risk Alert Map

The Fire Risk Alert Map indicates four levels of risk from green to red. The map is clickable and gives the rules of access and fire risk updates for the 9 Var massif areas. The western Alpes Maritimes is also included.

Where you can find the current Fire Risk Alert Map:

  • There is also an app for these updates which also gives you the possibility to launch a fire alert with precise coordinates; the app is available for iOs and Android – search for “Prévention incendie“.

The National Park of Port Cros has its own alerts which you can see here:

For more information about access to the massif forests of the Var, go here:

What to do if you see a forest fire

If you witness a forest fire, you can call 18 or 112. Or if you have the Prévention Incendie app you can signal a forest fire with GPS coordinates inside the app or there are DFCI grids which are used by civil security.

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