Joutes Provençales at Vieux Port in Cannes

Hosted at Vieux Port in Cannes, this summer families can enjoy free events that demonstrate the old tradition of provençale joutes.

Cannes : History of the Joutes Provençales

Joutes provençales originate from the Egyptian era; fishermen from the French Riviera originally set up a ladder on their boats and over time it has become a true festival with nautical combats and dives, practised in Provence.

The city of Cannes acquired two jousting boats in 1949, suitably named Le Sainte-Marguerite and Le Saint-Honorat, but with a lack of jousters the boats remained in storage from 2004.  After the election of David Lisnard to the position of Mayor, he relaunched this Cannois tradition in 2014 to support local culture and encourage visitors to Cannes.

Today, the sport is hotly contested by 16 joutes provençales companies from the Var and Côte d’Azur including Cannes, Théoule, Agay, Fréjus, La Ciotat and Saint-Raphael with the ‘rules’ being that opponents stand on a boat and try to send their opponent into the water using a wooden spear (opponents wear a wooden breastplate to protect them).

joutes provencales

The Joutes Provençales hosted at Vieux Port in Cannes

One opponent is the ‘jouster’ who stands on a raised platform called a teinteine; the other team member ensures the jouster does not catch the spear.  Contestants must place their left food forward of a white line on the platform, otherwise if their right foot crosses the line at the time of joust they are disqualified.

quai st pierre events

Come to Quai St Pierre to watch the Joutes provençales in summer

When are the ‘Joutes Provençales’ in Cannes?

Starting from tomorrow (18 June) and running until 18 August, Cannes will host 5 Joutes Provençales events on various Friday nights and all-day selected Sundays.

One of the monks from Ile Saint-Honorat joins the nautical jousting

Organized by the Mayor of Cannes David Lisnard, in collaboration with L’association des Jeunes Jouteurs suquetans and CCI Nice Côte d’Azur, all are welcome to Quai Saint Pierre to enjoy this traditional activity.  The 2017 Joutes Provençales programme is:

  • Sunday 18 June 2017 from 9am to 6pm (Round 1 of the Var-Côte d’Azur championship to qualify for the French championship staged in Istres, L’Estaque, Agay and Martigues this summer)
  • Friday 23 June 2017 from 7pm to 11pm (Challenge of the Rotary Club Cannes Pays de Lérins tournament sponsored by Rotary)
  • Sunday 23 July 2017 from 9am to 6pm (Another round of the Var-Côte d’Azur championship)
  • Friday 04 August 2017 from 7pm to 11pm (‘Tournoi de la St Sauveur’, in the presence of various teams of the region)
  • Friday 18 August 2017 from 7pm to 11pm (Challenge Le Mashou)


  • Watch a video of the Joutes Provençales in Cannes here (video:  CannesWebTV):




Fête de la Musique 2017 – Wednesday 21 June

One of my favourite days in France – Fête de la Musique – is a family-friendly day to discover different music genres and new musicians.

Held on the same date every year, 21st June, all across France you can find free public concerts from emerging and established musicians, singers and bands.

Here are some of the Fête de la Musique 2017 concerts for the French Riviera:

Antibes / Juan les Pins

Antibes is usually very good for Fête de la Musique!   Here is the official schedule from the Tourist Office for public concerts:

Aside from this programme, other happenings in Antibes & Juan les Pins for Fête de la Musique 2017:

  • JP the Barber Shop will have classic pop rock from 2pm (21 Rue Général d’Andréossy, 06600 Antibes)
  • Blue Note will have DJ Debector with accompaniment from Pastor from 7pm
  • Blah Blah is performing at Le Latino’s from 7.30pm
  • Happy Face will have DJ Flim till late.

Fete de la Musique 2017 in Antibes with Blue Note

Beaulieu sur Mer

From 9pm, Serpico will perform at Place Marinoni.


Various music from 6.30pm-11.30pm at Place de Gaulle, Place des Arcades, Jardin Frédéric Mistral.

Cagnes sur Mer / Cros-de-Cagnes / Haut-de-Cagnes

From 5pm, at Place de la Marine in Cros-de-Cagnes there will be a concert from the Conservatoire municipal de Musique.

From 8.30pm, centre-ville / Place de Gaulle will host a variety of genres : Skyveul (Pop-Rock Blues), DJ Foxxer,  DJ Lucas Carrera.

From 9pm, Place du Château in Haut-de-Cagnes will have a concert by New Voltage.

Place du Château


From 2pm, Kiosque des Allées has various music.

From 6pm, Jardin Médiathèque Noailles will host Ensemble El Encuentro (Argentine music and dance) and Prince & Jeff Trio (Blues & jazz occidental)

A historic venue in Le Suquet, the Moulin Forville, will host an evening of singing, poem recitals and animations organised by ArtLive, le Moulin Forville and the Association Les Mots d’Azur.  Held from 6.30pm to 10pm in the gardens of the Moulin. Cost €7.

Plage Belle Plage (Boulevard du Midi Jean Hibert, 06400 Cannes) will have deep house and electro DJ’s from 6.30pm :  DJ Jerome Foster, DJ Cyril VaLone, DJ Uncle Jim’s.
Place de l’étang from 8pm: Blue Cocktail – International cover songs.
Place du marché in Cannes La Bocca from 8pm: Spoon performing pop folk ‘n’ roll.
Port Canto from 8pm: Concert from the Regional Orchestra of Cannes PACA

Golfe Juan / Vallauris

At Espace Grand Jean from 2pm-6pm, there will performances from the music school and karaoke.  From 8pm, there will be a salsa show.

The Fete de la Musique festivities continue on Friday and Saturday in Golfe Juan, more info here:


Grasse will have many locations set up with concerts at various times from 2pm till late including Cour d’honneur de la Mairie, Garden of Villa Fragonard, Scène Place aux Aires, Scène Cours Honoré CRESP, Scène Évêché, Scène Jeu de Ballon.

Night owls can stay out for the DJ set’s till midnight at Place du Petit Puy, Scène Cours Honoré CRESP and Cour d’honneur du MIP.

La Colle sur Loup

The locations for the public concerts will be the jardin public, Chapelle des Pénitents Blancs, Place du 8 mai (rue Foch), Place de Gaulle and Placette de la Poste.

La Colle sur Loup (image: Tourist Office)


From 7pm to 9pm at Place Ésterel Gallery, Marine (a semi-finalist from The Voice Kids), will sing a few songs followed by a concert from students of the Diamond School Compagnie singing soul, jazz and funk.


The Conservatoire de Musique de Menton will perform choral and orchestral concerts at the Mairie from 5.30pm.

From 9pm-11pm, Basilique Saint-Michel will host choral concerts.

Basilique Saint-Michel (image: mapio)

Esplanade Francis Palmero will have French and international cover songs by Sourires et Mélodies from 9pm-11.30pm

Monaco / Monte-Carlo

In La Condamine, there will be various free concerts throughout the day on rue Caroline, Place du Marché and at Square Gastaud.

Place des Moulins will have free music from 12pm-1pm and 6pm-8pm, Rose des Vents at Larvotto has free music from 12pm-7pm

From 9pm, the main event is a free concert with ‘Junior’ and ‘ Deluxe’ at Port Hercule.

Fete de la Musique Monaco 2017


Various public concerts held from 6.30pm till late at the Parc du Chateau, the lavoir, Hotel de Ville and Place de l’église.


The public music school will have a recital at L’église Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur from 7.30pm.

From 8pm, Eco Parc will host the Orchestra Europa with covers of popular music from Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Adele and more!


Bmvr Bibliothèque Louis Nucéra (2 Place Yves Klein) DJ and live music from 3pm-4pm
Homme5 (8 avenue Malausséna) from 5pm-7pm
Place Pierre Gautier from 6pm-midnight

Le Petit Conservatoire De Pessicart (178, Avenue De Pessicart) : From 6.30pm, the Petit Conservatoire de Pessicart under the direction of Magali Pika de Coster, 7.30pm Gérard, 8pm Bluesberry, 9pm Blacklisted

Restaurant Le Choucas (Place Vieille Nice) from 8pm, pop rock concert for Syndrom & Torrancesv2
Parc Chambrun from 8pm-10pm

Parc Chambrun (image: freeriders)

Jardin du Musée des Beaux Arts (Jules Chéret – 33, avenue des Baumettes), Concert from 8pm-11pm from Philarmonic Orchestra of Nice (limited seating 400 places only)
Saint Laurent du Var
There will be a ‘white party’ at Square Bènes from 6pm-midnight; white attire compulsory!  Concert and meal costs €10
Saint Paul de Vence
Concerts from 6pm-midnight, the programme is here:  Fete de la Musique St Paul de Vence 2017
Near to l’Hôtel de ville from 7pm Fete de la Musique will open….From 7.30pm-10.30pm Jazz’Bonne Festival ( Big Band then at 10.30pm All Groove and July Tuvi DJ.
Place des Arcades from 7pm-1am: Nom-name, Con2mime , Tchapakan et Pandore Orchestra.

Place des Arcades in Valbonne (image: kiechle)

From 6pm-midnight, six stages will be located in Vence with over 40 groups/performers Grand-Jardin, Place Clemenceau, Place Godeau, Place Frêne, Place Maréchal Juin and Cour de la Prévôté.
Villeneuve Loubet
From 7pm-midnight, various genres will perform jazz, electro and pop.
If you are a musician, band or singer and want to be included on this free list please send me an email to be added with details of your genre, French Riviera town and time of concert. 


Top family-friendly ideas to entertain kids on a French Riviera Yacht Charter — French Riviera Luxury

The French Riviera is the most glamorous stretch of coastline in the world, and as such, is probably not the first place that comes to mind when planning a family yacht charter. Yet there’s actually so much great stuff to do with kids on the Cote d’Azur that you’ll struggle to fit it all in […]

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The Best Places to Spot Dolphins, Whales and Turtles in the Mediterranean 

Discover the Mediterranean hot spots for dolphin and whale watching. Find out where you can see turtles swimming in the wild and maybe even join them. 

Nature lovers will enjoy a Mediterranean yacht charter for the stunning scenery, but during the summer season there is the unexpected bonus of some spectacular marine life. We’ve selected the best places for you to spot dolphins, whales and turtles in the wild this summer.

wildlife viewing yacht charter

Seeing marine wildlife on yacht charter is an unmissable experience!


Dolphins are not only the most Intelligent and sociable cetaceans in the Mediterranean, but they are also the easiest to find. Their penchant for jumping and playing will delight kids and adults alike.

Italy is a wonderful place to spot dolphins, with the highest concentration of them in the Ligurian Sea, the east coast of Sicily and the Gulf of Taranto in the Ionian Sea. The latter is one of the best “feeding grounds” in the world where the dolphins breed well and enjoy chasing boats.

They can also be spotted from the deck of a Sardinia yacht charter in the Golfo Aranci, close to the glamorous Costa Smeralda.

dolphin spotting Mediterranean

The Gulf of Taranto in the Ionian Sea is a great place for dolphin spotting in the Mediterranean

Spain is another great place for dolphin-watching, particularly in the Balearic Islands where they swim alongside boats and can be seen in coastal coves. Species found in Mallorca include the common dolphin, Risso’s dolphin (easily recognised by its unusual scratched, scarred skin), the bottlenose dolphin, and the white-sided dolphin.

dolphins yacht charter

Risso Dolphins seen on yacht charter

The bottlenose dolphin is a common sight in the Aegean Sea and justifiably popular since it is one of the most acrobatic and playful dolphins in Europe. The large (up to 4 metres) grey animals will happily frolic in the bow wave of your yacht, following or diving underneath the boat. The striped dolphin is the most prevalent type of dolphin and particularly at home in deep water. It gets its name from black stripe along its body and is very gregarious, swimming in large groups and making frequent leaps out of the water.

Dolphins can generally be found everywhere in the Mediterranean from the French Riviera to Turkey, but it’s important to note that you should wait for them to come to you. The boat motor should be switched off or maintained in neutral and you shouldn’t stay with them for longer than 30 minutes at a time. It’s also important not to feed them or try to touch them.

dolphins spain

Bottlenose dolphins are one of the most playful dolphin species and love to ride bow waves


The Mediterranean is not typically considered a whale watching hot spot, so you might be surprised to learn that there are eight different species of whale. The most famous of these include pilot whales, sperm whales and even killer whales.

whales mediterranean

Pilot whales are a wonderful experience to be seen in the Mediterranean

The Strait of Gibraltar and the coast of Tarifa are ideal places to seek long-finned pilot whales on your next Balearic yacht charter. It is also the best place to see killer whales, a beloved family favourite recognisable to everyone. Killer whales chase the fishing boats around Tarifa in search of tuna throughout the summer, and they are spotted in the Strait in late August as the tuna starts to migrate back across the Atlantic.

whale watching Mediterranean

The coast of Tarifa is an excellent vantage point to view killer whales (orca)

Spain is one of the best places in Europe to see cetaceans in the wild, but to see the most diverse selection, head to the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean where 30 species can be found in waters that reach depths of 2,500 metres. Tenerife is the best spot to see sperm whales because the deep sea is abundant in their favourite snack, giant squid.

Elsewhere, you can spot the 20m fin whale in the Ligurian Sea between the Italian Riviera and Corsica in the summer. The fin whale is the second largest animal that has ever lived on our planet (after the blue whale), so it is a real privilege to see them up close. They can also be spotted in the Peloponnese in Greece and elsewhere in the Eastern Mediterranean where as many as 2,000 of these whales live on a diet of krill (tiny shrimp). A top tip is to look for pilot whales, which can be distinguished by a visible, black, balloon-shaped head. These whales often swim near to much larger species, and if you see one there’s a strong chance you’ll also see much larger whales nearby.

To summarise, these are the main hot spots for whales in the Mediterranean:

  • Strait of Gibraltar
  • Andalucian Coast, Spain
  • Ligurian Sea, Italy/Corsica
  • Peloponnese, Greece
whale watching europe

Whale watching can be done on yacht charter in the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Italy/Corsica


Turtle conservation is big news in the Mediterranean where rampant tourist development and net-fishing still threaten populations. The best places to find sea turtles is off the coasts of Greece and Turkey where they have lived for millions of years and are contemporaries of the earliest dinosaurs.

Iztuzu Beach in South-west Turkey is a narrow strip of sand separating the Dalyan River from the Mediterranean. It has been aptly named “Turtle Beach” since it is one of the main breeding grounds for loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) and has been protected for almost 30 years as a response to continued attempts to develop tourist resorts on the beach. The landscape of a river delta meeting the sea amid the mountains is worth visiting alone but the turtles make it all the more special.

loggerhead sea turtles turkey

Iztuzu Beach in Turkey is aptly named ‘Turtle Beach’ as it is a breeding ground for loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta)

The Kaptan June Turtle Sea Turtle Conservation Foundation has a done a great job of creating an eco-tourist attraction that is educational and interesting for travellers of all ages. It provides a safe summertime nesting ground for the hatchlings to make their moonlit journey to the sea guided by the glimmering reflection of the stars on the water. At one end of the bay, there is a sanctuary for injured turtles. Further along the coast, you may find yourself swimming amongst turtles in shallow waters like Oludeniz lagoon near Fethiye.

turtles greece turkey

Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) can be seen in yacht charter destinations Greece and Turkey

The same species of loggerheads can be spotted in Zakynthos, Greece. The turtles have large heads with a horny beak that is thicker than other sea turtles and are a golden brown colour. Most of the turtles are located across the bay of Laganas, which extends from the end of Cape Vassilikos to the end of Keri Cape. Turtles swim in the shallow water of the bay and you can watch from a boat. The best chance to see them is during June and July when they breed, but since they swim underwater and emerge at intervals of 2-45 minutes, luck plays a part in how many you’ll see.







Roland Garros : Deserving Winners!

Today, something distracted me from work.   Replying to many emails, I received a notification about a Mens Doubles pair who have recently won at Roland Garros.

For those who aren’t familiar, Roland Garros (French Open) is a major tennis tournament held over two weeks between late May and early June at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris.

The two tennis players, Stéphane Houdet and Nico Peifer, are top wheelchair tennis players but have been mostly unrecognised in French media for this significant win.

Stéphane Houdet and Nico Peifer – winners of the Mens Doubles in wheelchair tennis at Roland Garros 2017

Why is there a lack of French media coverage?

Why does French media avoid coverage?  The words ‘disabled’ and ‘handisport’ are not seen as sexy, they’re not conducive to glamorous advertising campaigns and French media have admitted that they think the public is not interested.  So, they simply don’t talk about it.

The general disregard to people with special needs filters through from school level, lack of pedagogical teaching for special education and lack of support systems for both children with special needs and their families.  As a cultural platform, France has never been a trail-blazer with accessibility information and seriously lacking with media coverage for athletes and professional sportspeople who are not able-bodied.

France isn’t a newcomer to accessible sports – they participated in the inaugural Paralympic Games in Rome back in 1960 and have taken part in every edition of the Summer and Winter Paralympics since then, including hosting the Winter Paralympics in 1992.

Yet, French Paralympians had to wait until the year 2016 – when for the first time in over half a century – France Télévision agreed to show 100 hours of highlights from the Rio Paralympics in a one-hour daily update.  This was only instigated after a petition from the French public and criticism of the poor national media coverage from London’s 2012 Paralympics.

Nicolas Peifer is a top French tennis player

In comparison, British television showed two-thirds more coverage of the Rio Paralympics including live coverage and athlete profiles.

Sadly for Stéphane Houdet and Nico Peifer, France Télévision did not broadcast any of their tennis matches, but only a sequence of about fifty seconds.

Raising the profile of sportspeople with less mobility

The truth is that here in France, sportspeople with restricted mobility have a real and continuing battle for recognition.

They fight stereotypes for funding, for media coverage and in some instances, public acceptance that they are good enough.

It frustrates me and saddens me, but the least I can do is push the message out there that as high-level professional athletes they are worthy and deserve to be on the global stage.  I’m happy to use my network to share their achievement and send a message to French media that I am just one of those millions of people who IS interested.

As well as winning Roland Garros recently, both players have won medals at previous Paralympics.  Stéphane has won at Roland Garros before – he is also the current Masters doubles champion, a former world number one, and has won Wheelchair Mens Doubles at Wimbledon, the Australian Open and US Open.

Handisport france

A fight for change

The more that the public shares the achievements and efforts of handisport teams, the more media coverage they will receive. This in turn will appeal to Sponsors and corporate investors who will always be looking at the bottom line for advertising.   As well as visibility in sport, these athletes have powerful life stories and can advocate and give feedback for accessible innovations in business, tourism, education and technology.

For Stéphane and Nico, there have been small changes for the future – the management by French Handisport Federation and French Tennis Federation has allowed them to upgrade hotel categories and have a physio join them touring.   This may seem unfair when the budgets for football transfers are excessively ludicrous or rugby games rack up prime time coverage as soon as a player dons the national jersey.

To see (in French) their interview after their win at Roland Garros, you can watch it below:

And if more people share their victory it may avoid journalists reporting that the last French Mens Doubles who won at Roland Garros were Edouard Roger-Vasselin and Julien Benneteau in 2014 (deserving as they also were).

Thank you to Stéphane Giraud for sharing their story – in just one week, more than 180K people are enlightened to Stéphane and Nico’s achievement at Roland Garros and that they benefit from the recognition they deserve.

What are your views on media coverage for handisports?  Do you think there should be more coverage in print, online and radio?  I’d love to hear feedback.

A Day with Heroes on the French Riviera : Saturday 10 June 2017

What is the definition of a ‘Hero’?

When you have two young boys like myself, the concept of a ‘hero’ alludes to a superhero, typically the Marvel Avengers kind with impregnable armour, superhuman qualities or super tools such as grapple guns.

For the rest of us, a hero or heroine is someone who can be admired for their noble values, courage or outstanding achievements.  They are not always victorious, but they are often regarded highly for great acts and bravery.

A Day with Heroes on the French Riviera

On Saturday 10th June, residents on the French Riviera will have the opportunity to attend a fundraising day with a group of Heroes.

Who are these ‘Heroes’?  The Heroes are a group of 10 soldiers who have all served in active service abroad and were wounded in war zones. All have been medically discharged ; some will have visible injuries, amputations, loss of sight, some will have mental injuries, PTSD, disassociation disorders and they will share their inspirational stories of how they are moving forward in life.

The day is organised by Rachael Dickens, a public figure on the French Riviera and business owner at the English Osteopath, who is Lead Medical and a key member of the committee for the Supporting Wounded Veterans Foundation (formerly Skiing with Heroes) that supports the rehabilitation of veterans on the path to reemployment.

From 7.45pm, a hog roast dinner will be hosted in a private villa in Valbonne consisting of a welcome drink, 3-course dinner with some wine, raffle draw and entertainment.  Tickets are just €50 each (excluding Eventbrite booking fee); NOTE: Evening dinner is for ages 18+ only.  Grab your tickets here:

About Supporting Wounded Veterans

Supporting Wounded Veterans (formerly Skiing with Heroes) is a charity that helps wounded veterans get back into civilian life and occupation. Founded in 2012 as ‘Skiing with Heroes’, their initial activity was the organisation of a rehabilitation ski week and, since the first one in Klosters in 2013, the charity has been able to increase the number of veterans taken each year; last year over 100 veterans applied for the trip and there are already 60 applicants for next year.

Because each of the veterans require differing levels of ongoing support and encouragement, SWV have created a needs-based Occupation, Training and Employment (OTE) Programme which the veterans join following the ski trip. They have also recently opened a Pain Management Clinic, specifically for wounded veterans.

Many of the veterans take up sports after their injuries and share their triumphs via the SWV Facebook page including 3 that have been selected to represent Team GB in the 2017 Invictus Games to be held in Toronto in September.

I hope you support this worthwhile charity that helps people who have given so much.  If you can’t attend the event on Saturday, you can make a donation via their website

Image credits:  Supporting Wounded Veterans / Skiing with Heroes


Coming soon! Great art exhibitions to see on the French Riviera

One of the best things about living on the French Riviera is the number of art galleries, studios and exhibitions featuring classic and contemporary art.

Whether you’re a fan of modern pop-up installations or classical art, there are so many excellent places to see or visit that you’ll have trouble deciding where to go.

Art on the French Riviera

If you are visiting the region for a week or longer, there are a number of must-see French Riviera museums that have spectacular art collections including rare paintings, sculptures, ceramics or photographs.

If you are here for a weekend up to 14 days, take your pick from a handful of art-based attractions or galleries – many are free entry or very cheap to visit so perfect for people on a budget or not willing to pay a lot of money for a sightseeing pass.

Temporary Exhibitions

The French Riviera is an excellent destination for art lovers.  There are a number of interesting temporary exhibitions coming up which I thought I’d share the details of below:


On now until 11 June, the 32nd edition of Grand Prix des Artistes with exhibitions of sculpture, paintings and photography is being hosted at Espace Miramar in central Cannes.  The ‘Artiste d’Honneur’ this year is local Cannois photographer and talented graphic designer Vivi A who will showcase photos from her series Miroir Miroir.

grand prix des artistes

Grand Prix des Artistes – Exposition in Cannes at Espace Miramar until 11 June 2017

From 16 to 27 June, there will be a free photography exhibition with large format photos featuring Cassius Clay a.k.a Muhammad Ali along the Croisette.   I’ll definitely be checking this one out to see some candid snaps of one of the world’s most celebrated sports figures who sadly passed away last year.

Muhammad Ali, Cannes 1982


From 14 July to 10 September 2017, the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco will host an exhibition, The Forbidden City in Monaco: Imperial Court Life in China, about the Imperial Chinese dynasty (1644–1911).

Jointly curated by Jean-Paul Desroches, honorary general curator, and Wang Yuegong, director of the Imperial Court Life Department at the Forbidden City – the exhibition will bring together some 200 historic exhibits, from the former palace of the emperors and loans from major European and American collections: the Musée Cernuschi and the Musée du Louvre in Paris, the V&A in London, the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels, and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery in Washington.

The personalities of the Qing emperors are a crucial element of the exhibition, most notably in the cases of Kangxi (1662–1722), Yongzheng (1723–1735) and Qianlong (1736–1795) and will feature ceremonial costumes, portraits, furniture, precious objets d’art including ceramics and lacquerware, displays of calligraphy, and scientific instruments, some of which are ranked as national treasures.

The Forbidden City is one of the most impressive palace complexes, and the world’s most popular tourist venue, with some 10 million visitors annually.

I am looking forward to this exhibition and seeing how they bring to life the Temple of Heaven, the Throne Room, the Buddhist temple, the Temple of the Ancestors and the tea pavilion.   Tickets cost just €5 per adult, with free entry for 18 years and under.  Tickets are sold via Monte Carlo Ticket : Forbidden City


From 23 June to 15 October at the Galerie Lympia at Nice Port, an exhibition will showcase 50 major works of Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) including sculptures, paintings, lithographs and drawings.   Thanks to the Giacometti Foundation, the artworks will show the variety of techniques he used through his career.

art nice french riviera

Giacometti at the Galerie Lympia in Nice

Galerie Lympia has an interesting history – known as Lou Barri-Lonc, it is the oldest building at Nice Port. In the 19th-century it was transformed into a prison with the convicts put to work building the roads that connect the port area to Nice city (prior to that, the area was a penal colony where the prisoners from Villefranche were employed to dig the basins for Port Lympia).  Consisting of 2 buildings (the penal colony building with roof terrace and the Clock Tower), it has been restored and now offers an original art space with an eclectic programme forecast to broaden Nice’s art venues.

Galerie Lympia at Nice Port

Saint Tropez

Summer time alludes to al fresco living and where better than to host an art exhibition that Pampelonne Beach?

From 29 June to 02 July, Art Pampelonne will present a selection of international galleries showcasing contemporary artists at 20 Route d’Epi at Ramatuelle.

Located a short walk from Nikki Beach’s famed property, Art Pampelonne will host an elite audience of tastemakers with a selection of curated events that engage the international art community including VIP benefits and free entry for kids under 12 years of age.

art st tropez

(logo: Art Pampelonne)

The schedule is:

Thursday 29 June

12pm-2pm     Vernissage (VIP Invitation + Press Preview only)

2pm-9pm       Public Opening

Friday 30 June , Saturday 1st July and Sunday 2nd July*

From 12pm-9pm     General Show Hours (*12pm-8pm on Sunday)

Note:  Press accreditation is at the organiser’s discretion and includes the vernissage as well as public show hours.

Tickets for Art Pampelonne can be purchased here:

Please share this post on social media. thank you!