Why Torcche could potentially be the next game changer in social mobile apps

Social networking apps number in the thousands and it’s a challenge working out which ones are worth downloading to try out…until you hear about a new app called Torcche.

Torcche I believe is more substance than hype, and if you’re keen on meeting others who share the same interests as you around the globe, you’ll quickly recognize this is going to be one of the hottest apps that could be soon catapulted into the mainstream.

torcche.com - Earmarked for mainstream download for social mobile apps

torcche.com – Earmarked for mainstream download for social mobile apps

Social apps and tech

Traditionally, you’d meet people face-to-face and especially for travelers, your options were limited to forging bonds with those who shared your flight, tour bus, hostel or even campsite.

Connecting with friends and other like-minded people is much easier today with a wide variety of technology and an abundance of social/ travel apps already out there such as Outbound, unPaved, and Tripr.

Torcche takes things up a notch and aims to take the hassle out of real-time communication – whether you’re planning to meet up with friends for a meal, on a solitary road trip, or even looking for weekend partying buddies to go out with.

About Torcche

Torcche is a mobile location-based social platform where you can communicate and meet up with your friends around the world in real-time.

In a world where everyone is busy and scattered in different places, their instant friend finder allows you to see who is nearby at all times, and you can create insightful real-time location posts called “Torcches” for others around the world to follow your experiences in real-time and see the cool places you’re at.

Best of all, Torcche is a free iPhone (iOS) app compatible with the latest iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, with the Android version already in development.

Torcche is set to not only help people connect with old friends, but to connect with new buddies and travelers around the world.

I predict it will become an essential app for travelers, especially backpackers or solo travelers who are looking for like-minded individuals to share experiences with wherever they may roam. Torcche will also hold value for all genders, ages and interests as fresh content is created by the users. It’s easy to join (email or Facebook) and is simple and quick to use which is great as it’s not overloaded with confusing features or add-ons.


Free app

Torcche is free to download so you’ll have more dollars in your back pocket to get out there to explore and enjoy life!


Torcche is extremely user-friendly. It’s easy to join (no lengthy registration or verification process), simple to understand (saves you the hassle of learning the ropes about features) and it’s quick to use (meaning you make connections and find the cool stuff instantly).

Easy registration, free to download, simple to use (torcche.com)

Easy registration, free to download, simple to use (torcche.com)

Torcche Map  

Torcche makes it easy for you to meet up with friends nearby and keep up with friends around the world.

See your friends on the move and allow others to know what you’re up to.

Discover new places you never knew existed and meet new people with similar interests as you. With Torcche, the entire world is literally at your fingertips on your phone.

Put a Torcche  

Add a Torcche which is a super simple way to post a status update and/or upload a picture or video (up to 10 seconds) to share what you’re up to.

Allow others to follow your global footprint and make use of the optional feature to share on Facebook or Twitter.

Whether you’re checking out a new restaurant in your area or traveling to distant exotic places, you can let others know what they’re missing out on back at home.

Post a 'Torcche' so other users can see what you're up to (torcche.com)

Post a ‘Torcche’ so other users can see what you’re up to (torcche.com)

Global Explorer  

A quick and easy way to find your friends as well as meet new people around the world.

Custom News Feed

Personalized news feed provides updates on your friends and other up-to-the-second news.

Convenient Messaging

Easily message your nearby friends or groups to stay in touch through Torcche’s innovative platform at any time.

Convenient messaging to keep in touch (torcche.com)

Convenient messaging to keep in touch (torcche.com)

Secure Privacy

Torcche understands your privacy is paramount.

Make use of customizable settings that allow you to control how much personal information you want to share with your friends and the people around you completely confined within the Torcche app.

Even if your settings are ‘Private’ – you can still browse the Torcche Map and find other users who choose to be ‘Public” with their ‘Public’ settings manually switched on.

Secure privacy for all users (torcche.com)

Secure privacy for all users (torcche.com)

What’s next?

Download the app today! It’s completely free and compatible with current versions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

Download here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/torcche/id1014850260?ls=1&mt=8

Check out their website: http://www.torcche.com/

‘Like’ Torcche on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Torcche/848355771884371?

‘Follow’ Torcche on Twitter: @torcche or https://twitter.com/torcche

I’d love to hear your feedback about Torcche!  What do you find the best feature?  Any suggestions to make Torcche better?  Thank you for sharing Torcche on social media.

Disclaimer:  I collaborate with Torcche for PR and marketing and this blog post is my personal opinion regarding the user experience of this app.

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