The wonderful world of internet searches

I sent a postcard to my nephew today and it got me thinking about communication between people across the past few decades.

How rare it is now (excluding birthday or Christmas cards) to receive a handwritten letter in the mailbox!

We have Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, internet blogs, as well as numerous search engines to find information, keep in contact with friends and family and create business contacts.

I’m so happy my blog is serving a purpose to those who search the internet for travel and tourism-related information in this region – all in English.  I have had some lovely feedback, and hopefully solved a few puzzling queries with timetables, travel distances and places to go with children.

I thought it would be interesting to see where most of my ‘viewers’ come from – here are the Top 10 countries that have sourced information from my blog:

1. France

2. United Kingdom

3. United States

4. Russian Federation

5. Ireland

6. Australia

7. Canada

8. Spain

9. Italy

10. Germany

And interestingly, the next five countries by popularity 11-15 are Monaco and the remaining four are Scandinavian – Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Thanks for your readership !


3 thoughts on “The wonderful world of internet searches

  1. We’re off to Antibes in May, and I certainly found the info you sent me re bus timetables from Nice Airport to Antibes extremely helpful, having tried several other sites without much success. so thanks again.

    Cathie Greig


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