Medieval weekend – Biot and Les Templiers

Biot et Les Templiers (Biot and the Templar Knights) is a free annual festival with medieval jousting, falconry displays, artisan workshops such as basket weaving and iron work, and markets selling jewellery, mead wine and all things ‘medieval’ including swords, silverware and roast meats on spits.

Biot & Les Templiers

Biot & Les Templiers

The festival was held 04-06 April 2014, and many spectators dress in costume, particularly children as knights and fair maidens.

Biot & Les Templiers

Biot & Les Templiers

Highly recommended for a family day.

How to get to Biot and Les Templiers festival:

  • Train and bus:  You can take the train to Biot train station (Gare de Biot), then catch Envibus number 10 (there is a bus stop just outside Biot train station to the left). Because there are road closures around the village during the festival, get off the bus at the final stop ‘Fontanette’ and the knights and horses displays are a 2 minute walk (on flat ground).  There are free buses closer to the village, but unfortunately the festival doesn’t offer a linking shuttle bus to/from the train station to the village and it is a minimum 25 minute+ walk on unshaded busy roads, some with no footpath – not recommended with children, or on a hot day.  Take the bus number 10 from Biot train station to save time and stress. Bus timetable can be found here
  • By car:  It is possible to drive and park, however there are road closures near to the village during the festival. For parking updates, visit Biot Tourism
Biot & Les Templiers

Biot & Les Templiers

Access to Biot Village:

  • A lot of the festival occurs in Biot village.  It is a steep gradient to get up there, and there are lots of stairs and cobblestone streets (which aren’t always obvious on tourist maps). Wear comfortable footwear. If you have a baby buggy/stroller, or reduced mobility, you can get to the village by following two easier (but slightly longer in duration) routes:
  1. Route de la Mer, then chemin Neuf follows the main road and takes you up to the village proper with flat ground
  2. Route de la Mer, then turn right onto Calade de Migraniers, then rue de la Calade. It’s a steep street, but it’s paved and there are no stairs until the top. Much easier than climbing the steps through the bottom of the village.
Biot & Les Templiers

Biot & Les Templiers

Other tips:

  • Free public toilets in the village during the festival are on rue de la Poissonerie. There were 3 steps leading up into the corridor for the toilets, but I will source information on accessible toilets and update my blog.
  • Biot Tourism has a free SmartPhone application available on the App Store or Google Play, download


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