5 thoughts on “Truffle Markets : The Black Diamond Hunt on the French Riviera

  1. Black truffles are truly “the food of the Gods”. The aroma of these tubers is intoxicating and it perfumes every food that it comes into contact with. I was surprised that the blog did not refer to Bruno Clément, who here in the South of France is revered as the “roi de truffes”! He has restaurants in Lorgues (Chez Bruno), Nice and St Tropez, and much of the direction is now handled by his sons. It was in the Bistro de Truffes in Nice that I first experienced Truffle Ice Cream with a drizzle of Truffle Liqueur …. at the end of a 7 course menu, in which each dish featured truffles! The price comparisons were somewhat misleading. The very best black truffles are infinitely more expensive than any white truffles , even those from Alba! In fact it is a closely guarded secret (not know!) that many French chefs cross the border into Italy to buy black truffles, and endeavour to pass them off as French ones, as they are so much more reasonable in price. Last year in France, the local black truffles were fetching around 1,350€ per kilo!


    • Thanks for your comment Anne. Yes Bruno has a fantastic reputation for Bistro de Truffes (Bistro Gourmand in St Tropez which I included at the end). It’s such a shame that chefs cross to Italy to buy them but it really is supply vs demand and with the cost who can blame them! Truffle ice cream, can’t say I’ve tried it but I think I would.


  2. I am a fan of truffles. My friend bought one back from Alba last year and we polished it off on beautiful Italian pasta. Yum. Thanks for explaining more about the background. There’s good reason why they are so pricey! #allaboutfrance


  3. Truffles bewilder me to be completely honest. I’m not a huge fan, but recently I thought I’d check out the weekly truffle market in Le Rouret just near home to see what was on offer. Calling it a “market” was a bit grandiose for one small sad table of truffles! It didn’t inspire me, but I’ve enjoyed finding out more from your informative post, thanks! #AllAboutFrance is back again tomorrow for its 2 year anniversary. I hope you can join in. A quick tip to get more out of the linky is to try and link up on the opening day or by the weekend at the latest as the earlier you are the more views and comments you get.


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