Manga festival in Vallauris – Sat 27 and Sun 28 Sept

What is Manga?

Manga is a Japanese word that refers to comics and cartoons. Outside of Japan, it specifically refers to comics created in Japan or the Japanese language covering genres including sci-fi, fantasy, romance, action-adventure and more.

image: kfumazuki

image: kfumazuki

The manga industry is huge globally, and I was not surprised to learn that manga accounts for around one-third of all comic book sales in France as the French have a big tradition with bande dessinée (BD) here.

France is the second largest manga market internationally behind Japan, and accounts for 50% of the European market.

What is the Manga festival about?

The Manga festival, Japan Aurea, will be the 7th Festival manga et culture asiatique, and will be officially opened by the Consul Général of Japan.

There will be many attractions for visitors to the festival that have an interest in manga, comics, animation, video games, roleplay costumes (cosplay) or cartooning but of course, it has a strong focus on Manga and Japanese style.

  • Stands selling books, comics, video games, Japanese items (katanas, kimonos), calligraphy
  • Food stalls selling sushi, tea and Japanese food
image: wholefooddiary

image: wholefooddiary

  • Workshops for origami, calligraphy, Manga design
  • Karaoke on the big screen
  • Tiny Japanese theatre
  • Sumo suits for children and adults
image: vancouversumo

image: vancouversumo

  • Martial arts demonstrations – karate, judo, aikido, and kick-boxing
  • Cosplay is a big part of Manga where participants dress up as their favourite characters from the comics or video games – there will be Manga animations with prizes for best costume (note: you must register here if you want to be part of this )
  • Video game competitions
  • Film screenings (entry fee applies)

How do I get there?   

The festival is at Espace Loisirs Francis Huger, Boulevard Docteur Jacques Ugo, 06220 Vallauris.

From Antibes central bus station, bus number 8 with Envibus takes you to Vallauris.

From Cannes train station, bus number 18 with Envibus takes you to Vallauris.

From Golfe Juan train station, you can walk to the main road and take bus number 8 from Square Nabonnand.

Envibus timetables are found here.

If arriving by car, there is free carparking for all participants, just ask for your ticket at the entrance.

When is it open?

The festival is open Saturday 27 September and Sunday 28 September from 10am-6.30pm both days.

What does it cost?

Entry is just €2 per person

Film admission (per film) is €5 per adult / €3 for children 16 years and under

Where can I find the festival programme?

You can download the programme here dossier_de_presse (pdf format)

Who do I contact for more information?

The Vallauris-Golfe Juan website has helpful information about the area. Their website is

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