NEW blog category ! Charities / causes

New blog category

I have created a new category for my blog – Charities / causes.


While many of us endeavour to ‘give back’, it never eventuates and our best laid intentions are often swept to the side with family life, work, school commitments etc

By creating a new category, it is giving me motivation to focus on these charities and causes that perhaps need additional exposure, help with public relations, copywriting for promotional material and may not have the resources to bring in specialist communication support.

All work I undertake is voluntary and no payment is received.

(image: charityspring)

(image: charityspring)

Past pro-bono work

  • Special Olympics football
  • Women’s cancer charities
  • Environmental causes (beach clean-ups)
  • Educational (fundraising for schools)

What can I help with

  • Research & strategy about local events so you can target your promotion
  • Press releases for events
  • Copywriting for marketing material and article writing
  • Social media promotion
  • Assistance with quotes or interviews, and advice about visual aspects to include – video for your websites, photographs and audio

Who can I help

If you are a local business, organisation or person fundraising for a charity in the French Riviera region please contact me via the form below.

My schedule allows for one pro-bono charity or cause per fortnight, so if you have an upcoming project please let me know and I will try to fit you in 

Thank you

Rebecca @ Access Riviera