RAINY DAY ACTIVITY – Review: DJECO craft stamps

Another day of rain on the French Riviera, so it is the perfect opportunity to raid our craft box and get creative.

My son recently celebrated his 4th birthday and received a gift pack of DJECO craft stamps.

DJECO in a nutshell

DJECO is a French-designed brand and I like their children’s products as the products are great quality and hard-wearing, and the packaging is attractive and sturdy.

Over the past 4 years, we have bought or been gifted DJECO stacking cubes, silhouette puzzles and wooden puzzles and all have been thoroughly used and withstood knocks and scrapes without losing the colouring of the product or the functionality.

Prices are fair and for the quality I would definitely recommend this brand.

Review of the craft stamps (images à tamponner)

My son’s gift box is the Knights (chevaliers) set of craft stamps which includes an ink pad and 7 different rubber stamps.

The age range on the box says 4-8 years, but I think toddlers would also enjoy this set under adult supervision.

The box is shown below, the width is 21 cms, the length is 23 cms and the thickness is 2cm so it is roughly three-quarters the size of an A4-sheet of paper (for postage purposes).

Djeco craft stamp set - box dimensions

Djeco craft stamp set – box dimensions

The box is very light, approximately 250 grams in weight at most.

Can small children hold the stamps themselves

Each rubber stamp is 1 cm thick, so they are great for little hands to grip onto.

The photos below show a side-view of one of the stamps, plus a view beside a Hot Wheels car.

The ink pad is 1.5 cms thick, and it’s covered in a protective plastic dome to keep the ink moist – unfortunately, my son couldn’t open the ink pad himself, it’s quite tricky to open it so an adult will need to do this.

DJECO craft stamp set - stamp and ink pad thickness

DJECO craft stamp set – stamp and ink pad thickness

Test driving the stamps

The ink pad is average in size, but as you can see from the photos below some of the bigger stamps don’t fit well on the ink pad so you have to move the stamp a few times to get ink coverage.

DJECO craft stamp set - ink pad size is  too small with some stamps

DJECO craft stamp set – ink pad size is too small with some stamps

The results

Here are the results of using the DJECO craft stamp pack.

We found we had to really impress firmly into the ink pad to get good ink coverage, and as mentioned above some stamps had to be moved around to get full ink coverage.

Of 7 stamps included in the pack:

– 2 fitted comfortably on the ink pad

– 3 stamps just fitted within the dimensions of the ink pad

– The 2 largest stamps overlapped the ink pad and needed adjusting.

My son pressed all stamps firmly onto the ink pad, and pressed the designs onto a matt A4-sheet (the same type of regular paper you use for computer printers) and there was only 1 impression that didn’t transfer ink clearly.

The results!

The results!


For the price, this stamp set is good value.

The box is sturdy, and the rubber stamps are a good thickness and well made. The only downside is the ink pad – the lid is difficult for little fingers to open by themselves, and the ink pad size is too small for some of the stamps.

Overall, I would recommend this set due to the quality and results.

Where to find this set

You can find this set online at Amazon, or retail toy shops.

On the French Riviera, you can buy DJECO products at Cultura in Mandelieu who are open Monday to Saturday from 9am-8pm. This exact set is here: http://www.cultura.com/image-a-tamponner-chevalier-image-a-tamponner-chevalier-3070900088115.html

Other fun stuff

To see other DJECO products, they have a fun bilingual French/English website that they have clearly invested time into creating. There is an interactive animated product gallery to see product descriptions, a memory game for kids and a magic show and funfair page.

Their website is www.djeco.com

Happy stamping!

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated or a salesperson for DJECO brand or products,  all opinions are my own.