Carpool to a château or art gallery? Why not! CovoitureArt

Now, having no car or adversity to using public transport is a thing of the past if you desire to visit art galleries, museums or historical places of interest throughout France – welcome to the concept of CovoitureArt!

We’ve all seen car sharing sites emerge such as BlaBlaCar, ID Vroom, La Roue Verte and Covoiture Libre, but CovoitureArt aims to specifically bridge the link between carpooling and art.



The concept

Many cultural sites throughout France – châteaux, museums, religious sites, festivals – require the use of a car, however more often than not the resources of using the car (petrol, parking expenses etc) are wasted. Why not meet others who share cultural interests to visit these sites of art, culture and heritage?

CovoitureArt aims to facilitate the meeting of people who consider carpooling a social resource with a cultural way to get together.


Cheaper than the train, faster than cycling – other than the carpooling cost there is a low commission of just €1,90 per passenger regardless of trip length which I think is very reasonable for an A to B journey that saves time with public transport schedules

Meet others with similar cultural interests

Discover lesser known sites and attractions – I noticed most of the major museums/galleries on the map for the French Riviera, as well as the inclusion of lesser promoted museums such Musée National du Sport and Musée Départmental des Merveilles which is great

Special CovoitureArt discounts at partner sites



Dates for visiting must match your needs

Some of the web links I checked for the French Riviera weren’t functioning (e.g. Musée Fernand Léger, Musée Renoir)

Website is in French language only which is a shame for expats whose French is below par and international travellers especially backpackers who would really find this site useful, however navigating on the site is quite intuitive so not reading French isn’t a major issue (it would only pose problems creating your user account which you could easily bypass using online translation tools).

For more information, visit the official website