Eat and drink – JUAN LES PINS (Sweet Caffe)

A nice cafeteria situated on a corner site opposite the Pinede Gould park and hotel adjoined to the casino.

Outdoor terrace is partially shaded so good for small children that you don’t want in direct sunlight, plus they have water misters which is nice for the hot days. The cafeteria has lovely street appeal with flower baskets around the perimeter.

Selection of coffees, cold drinks, breakfast menus (they offer an ‘English’ breakfast but it is not the full sausages, eggs, bacon that you may expect in the UK), icecream and crepes including banana/chocolate/whipped cream, and various jams.

Carparking limited to what is in the area around the park, or underground at the hotel across the road. Staff give friendly and prompt service.

The toilet is spacious and accessible as the entire restaurant is located at street level.

Recommended for coffee, cold drinks and snacks.

Eat and drink – JUAN LES PINS (Londinium)

We chose this restaurant for a couples dinner and after looking at the menu’s along the seafront the prices here seemed reasonable.

They had 4 formule menus on offer, though most had fish or shellfish options so if you don’t eat seafood like me you are better to choose something a la carte (off the menu by dish).

We both chose the €17,50 menu which consisted of a main and dessert. The main options were lamb chops, or magret de canard (duck) or dorade (fish). The lamb and fish were served with rice, grilled tomatoes and basil which sounded nice. Duck was served with julienne vegetables and paysanne potatoes. We ordered duck and the dessert was fruit salad with a scoop of strawberry icecream.

The duck itself was cooked perfectly in the middle, but the edges of the duck were overcooked and it resembled steak as it seemed to be flame-grilled.  This was saved however by a lovely honey sauce accompanying the duck. The julienne vegetables was a tasty stir-fry assortment,  and the potatoes were light and fluffy inside and lightly roasted on the outside – really delicious.  Portion sizes were OK – I did end up feeling slightly hungry so nibbled on some bread.

The dessert was disappointing.  Fruit salad with watermelon, rockmelon and pineapple topped by strawberry icecream.  The watermelon was overripe therefore it was soggy and soft.  We ordered café noisettes which were over-extracted.

The wine list had a reasonable selection, and many drink prices were lower than neighbouring restaurants. (€18 for an AOC bottle of white wine which is fair for this area, and many liqueurs and spirits were cheaper than bars only 200 metres away, some had a variation of being cheaper by €4 a drink for a Kir. Bottled water was also cheaper than neighbouring restaurants).

Service was prompt on arrival, with a nice greeting from the owner and the waiter explained the specials.  Our waiter was friendly and polite, though he was overworked as he was the only server for outside tables until another waitress arrived.  The barman was also friendly.

There are numerous tables outside on a terrace that can be covered from the sun, and it is a big restaurant inside also so good for a group booking.  There were 2 baby high chairs for patrons to use and the staff were friendly towards the families dining.  There were accessible toilets with no stairs.  Good selection of English music playing Top 40 hits.

Would recommend, their prices for set menus are very reasonable compared to restaurants right on the beach.  We paid just over €60 euros for 2 main courses, 2 desserts, a bottle of wine,  a 500ml bottle of Badoit sparkling water and 2 coffees.


Eat and drink – JUAN LES PINS (‘Juan les Pains’ and ‘Boulangerie de l’Esterel’)

Every village, town or city in France has a bakery (boulangerie) supplying baguettes, croissants and baked goods.

If you are looking for a couple of good options for buying croissants or a quick snack, here are my recommendations below for Juan les Pins:

‘Juan les Pains’

Located at the intersection of 17 avenue du Maréchal Joffre and avenue Louis Gallet, this ground-level boulangerie/snack restaurant offers fresh bread, sandwiches, coffee, smoothies, and icecreams.  It has an accessible toilet for patron use.  They offer ‘combo’ menus (formule) for example – €7 for a baguette sandwich, can of soft drink and sweet pastry for lunch.  It is centrally located and a short walk from the beachfront, with ample tables for seating. Tip: The coffee here is not outstanding – for a better coffee, as you exit the Juan les Pins train station the first shop to the right is a small local bar; they make a good espresso (un café) for about 1,70€.

Boulangerie de l’Esterel

A short stroll from the train station, this combined boulangerie/pâtisserie situated at 6 avenue de l’Esterel offers fresh bread, quiches, and sweet goods including cakes, fruit tarts and macarons.  They make one of the best miniature citron tarts in Juan les Pins (taste tested by me many times!).  Accessible toilet inside the small premises, however if you have a baby buggy or are a wheelchair user please be aware that there is a very small step into the shop from the pavement.

If you have any recommendations for other good boulangeries in Juan les Pins, please let me know via and I will be sure to visit and review them.


Eat and drink – JUAN LES PINS (Le Pousse Pousse)

Juan les Pins is perfect for al fresco dining for families – it has a nice combination of warm temperatures, sunny skies and lots to watch as you dine (people and traffic).  Whilst there are numerous eateries situated right on the beach and waterfront promenade, you can find a decent restaurant to eat down a side street, or away from the main hub.

This week we ate dinner at Le Pousse Pousse (12 rue Dautheville, 06160 Juan les Pins. Telephone:  04 93 61 41 99), a restaurant specialising in Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese dishes.  The decor is understated Asian fusion of buddha statues and a handful of black and white photos.  There are plenty of tables inside which were mostly full with diners, and more tables situated outdoors on the terrace with awnings on the pedestrian street.

Our waitress spoke English, and the staff speak French, Dutch and Spanish also.  All of the staff we encountered were pleasant and courteous.  There was a high chair available for our son.  We chose to sit outside and the menus were promptly given to us and drinks orders taken.  We all decided on the 20€ menu each (3-courses), and a serving of steamed dim sums for our son.  Two of us had glasses of rosé, and two of us had beers (they offer Heineken, Tsing-Tao and Singha).  I appreciated that they brought the dim sums out first for our son.  Meals were delivered to our table quickly (and cleared quickly), however they forgot to bring my partner’s main course and we had to request it again – they were apologetic and swiftly bought it out to the table and reduced our bill slightly at the end.

My entree was a cold chicken salad which was tasty and fresh with crunchy bean sprouts, grated carrot, fresh mint and a delicious light sauce which I stupidly forgot to ask them what it was.  My main course was a mild Vietnamese chicken curry which was also really  delicious and I had opted for a serving of perfumed white rice.  I think this was a better option to accompany this curry than the fried rice so as not to compete with the flavours in the curry.  For dessert, I chose the sorbet and received a scoop of passionfruit sorbet which was very refreshing, and a scoop of coconut-flavoured sorbet which was creamy and rich.  My dinner companions had dessert-envy but enjoyed their chosen selection of nougat.

The bill was just over 100€ for four 3-course menus including rice, two bottled beers, two large glasses of rosé and a serving of dim sums.

A good option if you desire an Asian-inspired meal in Juan les Pins.  To view their menu and prices visit their website

Note:  I am unsure if the toilets for this restaurant are accessible as we sat outside on the terrace and did not enter the restaurant; I will find out and update this posting.

Eat and drink – JUAN LES PINS (La Grappa)

On Friday evening, Juan les Pins was relatively busy with locals and tourists alike eager to catch a glimpse of the annual ‘Bataille des Fleurs’ (Battle of the Flowers) parade.  There were floats decorated with flowers, Brazilian samba girls and brass bands.  Occasionally, the parade participants would throw a spectator a flower to pass onto their beloved.

Before the parade, we were eager to eat dinner quickly and with a minimum of waiting as we had three children with us (aged 19 months to 6 years of age).  We stopped by La Grappa (12 avenue Maréchal Joffe, 06160 Juan les Pins.  Telephone: 04 93 65 93 13), a family-run Italian pizzeria located on the street leading from Juan les Pins train station to the seafront.

La Grappa is unpretentious.  Because it is on the street leading to the beach area it doesn’t have a scenic view, however it has good tasty pizza for a reasonable price for Juan les PIns.  We reserved a table for seven people (including the children) and were promptly given menus on arrival, and drinks orders taken.  We waited no more than 10 minutes for our delicious wood-fired pizzas to be served.  The waitress was friendly and attentive; the pizza chef was friendly also and showed my son how he put the toppings onto the pizzas and then into the wood-fired oven.

The pizzas were very tasty – perfect thin crust (not soggy or burnt around the edges), lots of toppings and cheese – our bill was 66 euros which was good for Juan les PIns – including 5 large pizzas, a pichet of rosé, 2 large beers and water.  The restaurant is located at street level and has a couple of bistro-type tables outside on the sidewalk, and there is just one small step into the main dining area so it is accessible for both baby buggies/strollers, and/or wheelchairs.  The toilet is also accessible for wheelchair users.

We will definitely return again to La Grappa.

Eat and drink – JUAN LES PINS

People-watching in the sunshine!   what a lovely way to end an afternoon of strolling the promenade in Juan les Pins.  One of the best places to people-watch in Juan les Pins is at Le Crystal, a busy café/bar on the intersection of Avenue Georges Gallice and opposite the Eden Casino.  The tables are often busy, the waiters are prompt and friendly bringing complimentary snacks (mini pizza bites, tapenade and toasts) and the cocktail selection is excellent.  There are non-alcoholic cocktails to thrill the children with their traffic-light colours and decorations including paper butterflies and sparklers.  Food is served including ice-creams, sushi and more traditional snacks such as croque monsieur (toasted ham and cheese sandwich).  They have TV screens inside showing music videos and often football (though I wouldn’t recommend it specifically as a sports bar), and in the evenings there is normally music playing and it becomes more lively.   This café/bar is stroller-friendly and wheelchair-accessible, though the toilets are accessed via a narrow doorway so you can’t take your entire stroller or wheelchair into the toilet area.