Roman Day (Journee Romain) – Sun 20 Sept – LA TURBIE

If you have children that are remotely interested in history, mark the date of Sunday 20 September 2015 into your family calendar as  La Turbie is hosting the 3rd Journée Romain (Roman Day) as part of the European Heritage Days.

This all day event (10am-6pm) situated at the Trophée d’Auguste is free for spectators and a fantastic journey back in time to the days of Roman gladiators  and  legionnaires.

(images:: Ville de La Turbie)

(images:: Ville de La Turbie)

A brief history

The Trophée  d’Auguste (Trophy of Augustus) was built in 6 BC in honor of Octavian Augustus. This Roman Emperor, Caesar’s adopted son, had brought under the domination of Rome 45 tribes of the Alps who refused to submit.

Despite the numerous destructions which it has suffered over the centuries, the building was partially renovated in the early 20th century, and still impresses with its dimensions – the monument is 35 metres square and the statue of Augustus lies 49 metres above the ground!   There are superb views of Monaco and the coast from the gardens.

(image: Wikipedia)

(image: Wikipedia)

It  was classified as a National Monument in 1865 and is one of the wonders of the architectural heritage of the Alpes Maritimes.  The Trophée  is the first step in the tourist route that follows  ‘Via Julia Augusta’, which runs through nine Italian and French historical sites, from Ventimiglia to La Turbie.


10am, 1pm and 5pm:  At Trophée d’Auguste workshops such as coin forging, pottery, armoury, archery, archaeology excavation, Roman games. Legionnaire’s camp. There will also be a food vendor offering Roman-style snacks from midday.

11am and 3pm:  From the Trophée to the middle of town there will be a parade of legionnaires in Roman costume and re-enactments of combat.

4.30pm: At Trophée d’Auguste, gladiator combat re-enactments.  Afterwards, the public are invited for a friendly lesson at the gladiator school.

There is free access to the monument museum on this day.

Where:  Trophée d’Auguste, avenue Prince Albert 1er de Monaco, 06320 La Turbie.  Entrances via rue Comte de Cessole and Cours Albert 1er de Monaco

How to get there:

By car:  If driving on the A8 motorway, from Nice direction take Exit 57 ‘La Turbie’ and follow the signs to La Turbie. From Italy, take Exit 58 ‘Roquebrune Cap Martin’ and follow the D2564 for 4.5 km to La Turbie.  There is  free parking at place Neuve, parking  de la Piscine and place de la Crémallière.

By bus:  From Nice, take line T66, and Zest line 11 from Monaco Office de Tourisme.

Transport for persons with reduced mobility: CARF, through MOBIZEST, operates a public transport service available to persons holding a disability card of rating 80%, a European parking card or card category 3 / persons accredited by the Accessibility Committee. For more information: 0800 740 538 (Freephone)

Here is a teaser video of what to expect from Legio VI Ferrata who host the legionnaires camp:


Gladiator re-enactments:  Acta-Archeo

Legionnaire’s camp:  Legio VI Ferrata

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