Work with me

If you’re looking for further assistance, I can offer you a customised solution for your business or project.

My clients are based in the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

I run a registered marketing business where I can help you with public relations and marketing to maximise exposure for your brand, event, product or service.

My specialty is reaching English-speaking customers.

Partners have included yachting companies, film & television events, hotels, sightseeing operators, family-related services, music festivals, and sports teams.


If you need help with quality copywriting for press articles, public relations, website or blog contentI can offer solutions to work with your budget.

I specialise in content for yachting, travel and luxury events, though my clients come from many industries including lifestyle, film, entertainment and sports.


  • Copywriting including web pages and/or blog posts
  • Public relations and press releases for yacht shows, travel, film production. Experienced with Cannes Film Festival, Cannes Lions, Cannes Yachting Festival, ILTM, Monaco Grand Prix, Monaco Yacht Show, China International Boat Show, China Rendez-vous
  • Marketing & Media Strategies (Print / Digital)
  • Global Brand Strategy & Business Development

Here are some samples of my published work / credentials:

  • Voted ‘Top 10 Best Blogs on Monaco Yacht Show’ by Notey.

  •  Access Riviera is included in recommended French blogs with Expat Blogs.


Visitors to this blog are looking for resources about the French Riviera – events, lifestyle, family activities and yachting-related information.

If you are a writer and have a great idea for a travel-related article, I’d love to hear from you.

My budget doesn’t allow for paid submissions, but you will get more exposure for your work via my established audience and social media channels.

Guest blog specifications must be:

  • Informative articles between 500-800 words with original content about the French Riviera.  Topics can include the French Riviera as a family destination, travel tips, history, art, music, events, local cuisine and wine.  Please do not pitch me a generic blog idea, OR a topic unrelated to the French Riviera!
  • Guest blogging opportunities are for personal bloggers, not businesses or 3rd-party content agencies.


© 2010-2019 Access Riviera is the economic and moral rights holder of all original content and created posts on this website.  Any reproduction including printed or digital works, copying, plagiarism, adaptation, public distribution, translation into other languages, broadcasting or other communication of these posts must be approved by the admin of this website and given proper attribution, otherwise Access Riviera is entitled to enforce my exclusive legal rights. This may include notices related to Digital Millenium Copyright Act, Electronic Commerce Directive 2000 and WIPO Copyright Treaty 1996.

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