All blog posts given are not intended as a complete list of accessible facilities and services across the French Riviera region, but a representation of what has been tested or recommended.  This blog is my opinion and I hold no responsibility for third party products or suppliers mentioned within this blog.

My vision is to provide accurate and current information, however this information does come from different sources and is subject to change.

Access Riviera provides this blog as a source of information, and under no circumstances will be  liable to you or any third parties for any technical or other errors, typographical errors, costs incurred, injury, inconvenience, travel disruptions or damages caused by using information contained in this blog.

It is advised that each traveler verifies with each facility or service provider if they suit their individual needs.

We are open to feedback and corrections to supplier information featured in this blog, please contact me on accessriviera06@gmail.com

© 2010-2019 Access Riviera is the economic and moral rights holder of all original content and created posts on this website.  Any reproduction including printed or digital works, copying, plagiarism, adaptation, public distribution, translation into other languages, broadcasting or other communication of any content contained in these posts must be approved by the admin of this website and given proper attribution, otherwise Access Riviera is entitled to enforce my exclusive legal rights. This may include notices related to Digital Millenium Copyright Act, Electronic Commerce Directive 2000 and WIPO Copyright Treaty 1996.

Happy travels!

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