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11 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi,
    I have just joined your blog. I found it via Google as I was looking for activities for kids (age 3-5) in the Antibes area. Just missed “musical awareness” at the mediatheque 😦
    So it doesnt happen again I have subsribed to receive the newsletter on Mondays.
    But I would like to know if there are filters to ad to my profile so I will receive info about events that I’m interested in.
    Kind regards,


    • Hi Carol
      Thanks for joining my blog. As my blog is updated on an ad hoc basis, you will receive an alert/newsletter whenever a new post is added. Unfortunately, their aren’t any filters that WordPress let’s followers add to receive specified posts (e.g. restaurants). You can also find me on Twitter @AccessRiviera and if you do have any recommendations or family-friendly information I would love to hear from you.
      Kind regards
      Access Riviera


  2. Hi. We’re arriving Nice in May. Wondered if the building work at Pasarelle is completed And what the fare would be. Really appreciate the info re buses. Really useful.

    C. Greig


    • Bonjour Cathie
      Thank you for your enquiry. The building work at Passerelle (the main stop at Antibes) is at this current date still uncompleted. There have been changes to the road layout, and a new bus exchange station built but it is still unopened. You can however still cross the rail overbridge as a pedestrian to access the Antibes train station. Dependent on when you arrive in May, it may be finished. I will bookmark to update you closer to May. The 200 bus is €1 per person oneway (but please note, some travellers are charged €1,50 for evening buses), and the 250 express bus costs €10 per adult oneway, or €15 per adult for a return journey (prices subject to change). Thank you


  3. Thanks very much for your reply. This is type of info that is so hard to get! And is very useful to us. Cheers.
    Cathie Greig


    • Bonjour Cathie
      I have bookmarked to update you regarding the bus stops in Antibes for the airport buses. I have visited the new Passerelle interchange station, and it is still unopened as at today (Monday 12 May, 2014). There are now temporary bus stops in place for both the 200 bus and 250 bus, unfortunately signage is terrible so I feel a few tourists may get lost! Anyhow, I have updated my blog with further information and photos on where to find the bus stops for these 2 buses. Please refer to the page here I hope this helps. thanks, Rebecca


  4. H Becks,
    many thanks for your help! It is much appreciated. Merci.


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