Eden Mill Gin Experience at BrewDog Nice : Enjoy After-Work Cocktails with Club Vivanova

In 2007 in North East Scotland, BrewDog came howling into the world. The launch of BrewDog Nice in 2019 was the brand’s 91st bar.

Image: BrewDog Nice

On Wednesday 5th August, Club Vivanova will host a special Eden Mill Gin Experience at BrewDog Nice.

The BrewDog team will create a selection of cocktails using the Eden Mill Original, Golf and Hop gins served with a selection of home-made appetisers and snacks.

Eden Mill Golf Gin will be just one of the selected gins at the Club Vivanova event at BrewDog Nice. (Image: NOTHS)

A perfect end to the day!

Date/time: Wednesday 5th August from 7pm to 9pm.

Location: BrewDog Nice, 4 Avenue des Phocéens, 06300 Nice.

Cost: Tickets will cost €30 per person and will include an Eden Mill Gin cocktail experience with hot and cold shared platters of BrewDog appetisers from 7pm to 9pm. (But you can stay and keep on partying for as long as you like).

You can book your ticket here: https://www.clubvivanova.com/events/05aug2020


Club Vivanova offer three membership platforms; individual, corporate and platinum with international promotional and networking benefits plus complimentary VIP tickets to exclusive member-only events in Monaco and across Europe and a selection of premium wines delivered to your door. Find out more at their website http://www.clubvivanova.com

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