Fireworks Festival Cannes – What is the Best Place to Watch From?

hilltop villas french riviera

Where has the best view for this year’s display? From rental villas with a view of the fireworks on the Cote D’Azur to a cruise, find all the best spots.  

From July 14th to August 24th, the Bay of Cannes will fill with the sound and sight of some of the world’s most impressive firework displays. This carries on a long standing tradition of Cannes as the place to go for pioneering pyrotechnics.

It all started in 1967, when the town challenged pyrotechnical experts to coordinate fireworks to music for the first time, with spectacular results. Today this has developed into an entire festival – the Festival Pyrotechnique de Cannes – attended by over 200,000 people in the fantastic open bay setting between the Iles de Lérins and the Pointe de l’Estérel.

Where’s best to watch the Cannes Firework Festival 2018?  

The firework displays here reach otherworldly levels, created by the very best in the industry. The designers all compete to win the highly-sought-after Silver Vestal trophy, and the result is an incredible 6-week long spectacle beloved by people of all ages. But with so many devotees, where to go to get the best view? Read our roundup of Cannes’ best watching spots.

La Croisette beaches

This is the most popular place to watch the fireworks from, being right in the hub of everything and in close proximity to the show. You will want to arrive early to get a seat; either bring your own picnic and claim the famous blue chairs that promise a frontline view, or book a table at one of the delightful beachfront restaurants. Then simply sit back and prepare to be astounded as awe-inspiring pyro-musical displays fill the horizon. If you do run late, head to the eastern end of the Croisette, where it tends to be slightly less busy. You will be unlikely to be able to sit down, but when such fantastic entertainment is on offer, who really minds standing?

Sainte-Marguerite island

This tiny 3km island, only a 15 minute boat ride from Cannes, is a truly magical place from which to watch the fireworks. With only one place to stay on Sainte Marguerite – its youth hostel Fort Vauban – opportunity to view from here is somewhat limited. However, if you do get a chance, this idyllic natural setting directly opposite the Baie de Cannes is a great way to escape the crowds.

A hilltop French Riviera villa

Of course, to watch in the company of only your favourite people, the best option is to rent a villa during the fireworks festival in the South of France. Choose one high enough up on the hilltop to see the display in all its glory, yet not so far away that you can’t hear the music. A luxury rental villa like this will be in high demand, but we promise you it is worth seeking out for the exclusive ambience.  

La Croisette’s hotel balconies

If you and your friends were too late to rent villas with a view of the fireworks in the Cote D’Azur this year, the next best you can do is to watch from the balconies of the various hotels along La Croisette. The Martinez, Carlton, Marriott and Radisson Hotel all offer stunning views, which you can enjoy either as a guest at the hotel or from one of their various bars. Try the Radisson’s Le 360 restaurant for a fully panoramic outlook onto Cannes Bay.

cap villas

An evening cruise 

For an evening of fun and frivolity on the water, head to Quai Laubeuf and book yourself onto one of the speciality cruises that run during the festival. There is a boat trip to suit everyone, from a simple cruise, to champagne toasts, to a full-blown 3-course dinner aboard. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed excellent views of the pyrotechnics and a warm, friendly atmosphere.

However you choose to watch the fireworks this year, we hope that you find an incredible view at one of these top spots!



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