Thank You!!

Today, I start my day with a post about gratitude.

I have just finished another busy stint for Cannes Film Festival and in between emails, interviews, lunches, parties and family life I’ve neglected to stop and say thank you to some of the people who have made my month successful.


I checked my site traffic yesterday and was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed – this Festival period has seen my highest daily site views , as well as my top 7 days for visitors EVER.  My site traffic for May has increased 50% from last year.  Amazing!

So, a big thank you firstly to my family for their love, support and patience with me, and secondly to all the followers, likers, commenters and sharers that visit Access Riviera!

My most popular posts this past 12 days were:

Cannes Film Festival 2016: Insider Tips

Cannes Film Festival Supplier List

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AmfAR Gala 2016 Cannes

Thanks so much




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