Why Travel Still Matters After Paris

I avoid political blog posts as much as possible because I don’t believe my own views should validate someone else’s debate.

First and foremost, my blog is a source of information and a resource for visitors to the French Riviera – I have no desire to join a public forum about a country’s political policies, security processes or religious stance.

Until Paris was attacked last weekend.

A cruel, unnecessary horror inflicted on Parisian residents enjoying a Friday night dinner or concert.  There has been much debate around the world about media showing solidarity for Paris, but not for Beirut or Kenya or other locations besieged by atrocities.  Not true – France24 had extensive coverage of Beirut, Kenya and the ongoing turmoils in Syria, we all see these events and feel pain of war whether we are directly involved or not.

The vultures of journalism

Over the course of the last few days, I have been helping with media statements for a client (a governmental organisation) about the situation in Paris.  With limited and conflicting information it has been emotionally tiring and I have seen the global vultures of journalism come out of the shadows for the next ‘Breaking News’ story.

Journalists from the other side of the world harassing victims for hours in the middle of the night for a press statement. Reporters creating fake Facebook profiles to gain access to support groups.   Expats having their opinions used in the media without their permission.

Yes, sensationalist headlines sell but I believe more in honesty and integrity, and allowing truthful reporting to leave a legacy to those that are lost.

Why travel still matters

On Saturday, intra-European flight passenger numbers were halved partly due to flight restrictions and partly due to fear.

Any major event such as this creates an uncertain environment for travel, and tourist unease is heightened.  However, I want this blog post to focus on why travel still matters,  why our yearning to discover different places can override our fear.  I am cautious but I am not scared.


Travel still matters.   From the days when dusty old maps inspired intrepid voyages into wild lands and undiscovered cultures, from enticing travel posters that promoted the glory of going ‘somewhere exotic’ to modern day trips where it’s not uncommon to fly for hours for a weekend getaway.

I hope people continue to come to the French Riviera, and to France so they can fulfil their dream journeys in a beautiful country.

Whether you cross the nation, borders or the globe we must keep travelling and seeking out personal connections with people and places.  Travel narrows the distance between us, and in doing so we will come to understand each other better.


2 thoughts on “Why Travel Still Matters After Paris

  1. Great post! Travel matters, yes!


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