Jellyfish on the French Riviera

Last month I visited Île Sainte-Marguerite and we noticed a few jellyfish bobbing in and out on the waves, and this morning I saw more jellyfish near Plage de Pirates in Juan les Pins so I figured it is high time for a friendly reminder about the annual jellyfish.

I often see them in summer around the bays of the Cap d’Antibes in huge swarms but usually in the off-limits rocky  coves and not at the main swimming beaches.

Each summer, these purple jellyfish ‘Pelagia Noctiluca’ arrive and inflict painful stings from their trailing tentacles on beachgoers, professional divers and boaties.

Jellyfish on the French Riviera - 'Pelagia Noctiluca’

Jellyfish on the French Riviera – ‘Pelagia Noctiluca’

Many Riviera beaches have jellyfish nets, but they are not entirely successful and if the jellyfish get through they are then trapped.

Here are my tips if you are swimming at the beaches on the French Riviera:

  • The Oceanographic Observatory of Villefranche-sur-Mer researches and maps jellyfish locations on the French Riviera. It takes less than 2 minutes to check if there have been any recent jellyfish sightings. On the map in the link, choose your region from the drop-box (e.g. Cannes). Red jellyfish icons are high-risk with recent sightings. The link is here:


  • If you are stung, do not rinse the sting with fresh water or alcohol. Use seawater.  Find medical assistance as soon as you can, and at main beaches there are usually ‘Secours’ personnel who can treat your sting.

Stay safe in the water!


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