Thrive Within workshop on resolving conflict

The Mush Separator is a tool that Theresa Destrebecq, a certified Life and Wellness Coach from Thrive Within, teaches her clients to help them deconstruct both internal and external conflicts.

Thrive Within logo courtesy of

Thrive Within logo courtesy of

Through the use of this tool, one can see a situation from a different perspective, and defuse conflict more easily, or avoid it all together.

Theresa is hosting an informative workshop on using ‘The Mush Separator’, and if you have a French Riviera business this will be a valuable workshop to attend with your employees (or alone) to learn an excellent method to resolve conflict.

Individual attendees joining the workshop for tips and strategies to manage personal conflict will also find value in using the tool in their daily life.

This workshop is the first of many various coaching initiatives, however spaces are limited – register your interest today via the Facebook link below!

When: Thursday 23 April from 2pm-3.30pm

Where:  Valbonne (exact address will be given by Theresa at time of registration for this event via Facebook

Find out more:

Theresa is also available for customised individual coaching, group sessions and corporate presentations to help your business thrive in a competitive market.  Benefits to clients can include:

  • Happiness!
  • A powerful vision for themselves
  • Reinvention of themselves
  • Increased Life Balance and Self-Care Practices
  • Improved Health and Wellness
  • Understanding of their “Blind Spots”
  • A Healthy Sense of Self
  • Improved Self-Confidence 
  • Improved Stress Resilience
  • Better Communication Skills and Relationships

Visit the Thrive Within website here for more information, and to easily subscribe to Theresa’s newsletter; email subscriptions will receive a FREE guide to a BOLD move.

Email Theresa:

Twitter:  @2thrivewithin



Disclaimer:  This blog post is not a sponsored/paid promotion.



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