Trumped by an expert : Wheels on the beach

Every now and then I come across a blog that is super-informative, entertaining and basically everything I wish my blog would be (HA!).

I get blog envy occasionally, but I’m more than happy to share great posts and content from other people if it fits my vision for my own blog.

image: Access Riviera

image: Access Riviera

Recently, Sanna Kalmari, a Finnish blogger contacted me on Twitter with her fab blog about travelling across the world with an electric wheelchair.

While I set up this blog to fill a gap and help others with information about accessibility on the French Riviera, as an able-bodied person I can only give so much insight, and Sanna’s brilliant blog article about visiting Nice in a wheelchair is a true hands-on experience.

image: Access Riviera

image: Access Riviera

I’m happy to admit that I have been trumped by an expert !

Well done Sanna, and thank you for letting me share your blog article about Nice.  You can read it here

You can follow Sanna’s English blog at and she is also on Facebook

If  you speak Finnish, you can follow her on Twitter @Palmuasema

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