Stormy weather on the French Riviera

For two days now, we have had stormy weather in the region with torrential rainfall and strong winds.

Usually, late October / early November brings these annual thunderstorms and changes in the weather pattern.

Useful websites :

– For general French and Alpes-Maritime weather updates, Météo France has concise information.

– Flooding and wind warnings can be found at and    These websites are updated twice daily, and offer climatic forecasts with advice about weather conditions (carte de vigilance).

carte de vigilance : Météo France

carte de vigilance : Météo France

France weather updates include daily temperature and climate, but it is very handy to know the ‘carte de vigilance’ as it shows you general conditions to be aware of (high winds, surface water, rock falls etc).  The scales range from green (minor damage) to orange and red vigilance (extreme weather).

– Traffic conditions across France, road diversions and accident updates are found at Bison Futé

I hope all residents and visitors in the area stay safe and alert on the roads, and reduce your speed for the conditions especially on the A8 highway and coastal roads prone to wave submersion.

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