Cleaning up the French Riviera coastline with Paddling in Antibes

What are Ocean Initiatives?

Ocean Initiatives is an operation organised by Surfrider Foundation Europe to raise awareness of marine litter and the protection of lakes, rivers, the ocean and coastlines.

The public is encouraged to create awareness and action by organising clean-ups, to combat the effects that mankind has on the environment.

The clean-ups are held annually in March to coincide with media publicity, however organisers are also welcome to arrange them at any time during the year.



Why get involved?

This is not just action to protect the marine environment for future generations – this is our environment we are living with right now and we can all play a part in becoming more ecologically responsible.

Where can I help on the French Riviera?

A French Riviera stand-up paddle boarding company, Paddling in Antibes, has organised a beach clean-up near Antibes for Saturday 18 October 2014.  The event starts from 8:00am.   There is no cost to participants, your only pre-requisites are time and a willing hand to help!

image: Paddling in Antibes

image: Paddling in Antibes

The clean-up meets at plage Garoupe and is focused on the Sentier du Littoral, a popular scenic coastal pathway on the Cap d’Antibes.

To register for this specific event, click here

All participants will be welcome including families – a good cause to get your kids away from their PS3’s and iPads and help the planet!

Join the event to clean up the Sentier du Littoral - the scenic Cap d'Antibes walk

Join the event to clean up the Sentier du Littoral – the scenic Cap d’Antibes walk

Are there other events I can attend?

If you are keen to organise or attend other Ocean Initiatives clean-ups throughout France (including the French Riviera) or Europe, visit their website here for locations and dates.


To book stand-up paddle boarding lessons, contact them via their website Paddling in Antibes  or connect with them on Facebook

Surfrider Foundation Europe

Ocean Initiatives

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