Precious gems, crystals and fossils in Juan les Pins – Salon des Minéraux

I have always had an affinity with stones and crystals having collected them not for their reputed healing benefits, but for their beauty.

I have been given polished rose quartz and hematite necklaces, rough-cut amethyst which sat on my desk at work, and a plate-shaped sliver of Tiger’s Eye with it’s own ornamental stand.  One of my favourites is turquoise with it’s bright blue and coppery hue.

beautiful blue of turquoise (image: Wikipedia)

beautiful blue of turquoise (image: Wikipedia)

What is the difference between a crystal and a gemstone?

Crystals are scientifically a solid substance in which the molecules, atoms or ions are arranged in an orderly repeating pattern extending to all three spatial dimensions.

Gemstones are pieces of attractive minerals (often called semi-precious or precious stones) which when cut or polished are used to make jewellery and other items.  Some rocks (lapis-lazuli) and organic materials (amber) are not minerals but are often considered as gemstones as they are also used to make jewellery.

Confused?  Don’t be – because from 19 September – 21 September 2014, you can admire many precious gems, crystals and even fossils at the Salon des Minéraux in Juan les Pins.

vibrant amethyst (image:

vibrant amethyst (image:

What is the Salon des Minéraux?

The Salon des Minéraux in Juan les Pins (in French it has the very descriptive official name of ‘9ème Bourse aux Minéraux Fossiles Gemmes et Bijoux’) will bring together scientists, gem experts and collectors for a public display that includes:

  • Fossils dating 300 million years
  • Jewellery-making
  • Displays and sales of precious gems and stones including diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds
  • Pedagogic workshops

How do I get to the Salon des Minéraux?

The exposition is at the Palais des Congrès, 60 chemin des Sables, 06160 Juan les Pins.

The venue has underground carparking (pay parking with Interparking) and there is a large hotel next door with around 340 carpark spaces also. Or you can try your luck on the surrounding streets.

The Palais venue is accessible for persons with reduced mobility, and the underground carpark has designated reduced mobility spaces and elevators to the ground level.

location map of Palais des Congrès, Juan les Pins

location map of Palais des Congrès, Juan les Pins (map copyright

What time does it open?  How much does it cost?

Opening hours are 10am-6pm.

Admission fee is  €6 per adult / €3 per child

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