Activities – CANNES (Cinéma de la Plage 2014, open-air cinema)

Every evening during the Cannes Film Festival 2014, there is an open-air cinema screening films out-of-competition and Cannes Classics.

Cinéma de la Plage, Cannes (image

Cinéma de la Plage, Cannes (image

Cinéma de la Plage is open to the public – to locate it, head to Plage Macé, the beach adjacent to the park beside the Palais des Festivals and opposite the Majestic Barriere Hotel.  Screenings commence from 9.30pm nightly.  Take a picnic and arrive early to get a deckchair.

The 2014 screenings are:

Thursday 15 May at 9:30pm OTTO E MEZZO (8 1/2) by Federico Fellini (1963, duration 2hours 18minutes)

Friday 16 May at 9:30pm PER QUALCHE DOLLARO IN PIU (For a Few Dollars More) by Sergio Leone (1965, duration 2hours 12minutes)

Saturday 17 May at 9:30 pm THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY by Sergio Leone (1966, duration 3hours 36minutes)

Sunday 18 May at 9:30pm UNITED PASSIONS by Frédéric Auburtin (2014, duration 1hour 50minutes)

Monday 19 May at 9:30pm  SECONDS by John Frankenheimer (1966, duration 1hour 40minutes)

Tuesday 20 May at 9:30pm THE WARRIORS by Walter Hill (1979, duration 1hour 32minutes)

Wednesday 21 May at 9:30pm LA FOLIE DES GRANDEURS (Delusions of Grandeur) by Gérard Oury (1971, duration 1hour 50minutes)

Thursday 22 May at 9:30 pm POLYESTER by John Waters (1981, duration 1hour 26minutes)

Friday 23 May at 9:30pm PULP FICTION by Quentin Tarantino (1994, duration 2hours 33minutes)

Saturday 24 May at 9:30pm PURPLE RAIN by Albert Magnoli (1984, duration 1hour 55minutes)

I hope to see you there with your feet in the sand!

2 thoughts on “Activities – CANNES (Cinéma de la Plage 2014, open-air cinema)

  1. Hello! We are heading to cinema de la plage tomorrow night. Could you tell me, when you say get there early, how early should we be to get a deck chair. We need to ensure we get chairs, so just concerned how early we should get in to reserve the seats. Many thanks!


    • Hello Corinne, thanks for reading my blog! The film scheduled for this evening is Pulp Fiction (by Quentin Tarantino), it is expected to be quite busy as it’s a popular movie. The movie is due to commence at 9.30pm but I spoke to the Cannes Tourist Office yesterday and they said some people had been queueing for the films from mid-afternoon (4-5pm). I will also be there this evening after an aperitif in Cannes, we expect to head along about 8.30pm and try our luck. You can take a picnic with you, the weather is forecast to be clear but many people also take a blanket as it can get windy where the film is screened. Free public toilets are along the Croisette and open until midnight while the Festival is on.


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