FOOD AND DRINK – Local produce

We have been eating a lot of strawberries lately.  My local market has been selling a punnet for €0,99 so it’s a bargain to eat these delicious fruits daily.  I am yet to find a berry grower near to me where you can pick your own to take home, but we are happy to settle for the pre-picked and pre-packed experience !untitled

I love the summer fruits in France and can’t wait until they are filling the shelves at the markets – particularly, nectarines and juicy peaches. Thankfully, my toddler son is a big fan of fruit also and will quite happily devour raspberries, watermelon, kiwi, pineapple and anything that he can’t see pips or stones in (!) so it’s a great option to visit the markets and buy our local produce.  My favourite produce markets in this region are Marché Forville in Cannes, Marché Provençal in Antibes and the market in Nice on Cours Saleya.


If you are interested in what fruits and vegetables are ‘in season’ take a look at this handy chart (in French) courtesy of Bio Consomacteurs, it really takes the hard work out of matching what is in season to your cookbook recipes.  Click here for the chart bca_affiche_calendrier_saison_30x40

What is your number one fruit or vegetable that you can’t live without?


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