Airport buses on the French Riviera

There is another disruption to the train services along the coast today, so lots of travellers have been stopping me regularly asking directions to the bus stops.

The bus network in the region is quite good, however bus schedules are reduced on weekends and bank holidays, and evening services are limited.  There are some flights that arrive at Nice Airport in the evening that may not coincide with airport buses so always check the timetables beforehand.

I am regularly queried regarding timetables and routes for the buses to/from Nice Airport and am happy to answer as the route and timetables are not posted at every bus stop.

Below, you will find more information and timetable links to Nice Airport buses  (current as at July 2014, all timetables subject to change):

  • Bus 110: Bus service between Nice Airport and Monaco and Menton 110busNiceAirportMonacoMenton
  • Bus 200:  This is a local bus that runs daily in both directions between Nice old town and Cannes.  The airport stop is outside the terminals on the main road (follow the people with suitcases!), it is called ‘Aéroport/Promenade’.  You will need to signal the driver; even though this bus is usually busy they don’t stop at every bus stop unless requested.  Also, be aware it is not specifically an ‘airport’ bus so there is no designated area onboard for luggage storage, which is important to know if you have lots of luggage or baby strollers/prams.  The main stops are:

Aéroport / Promenade = this is the Nice Airport stop

Gare de Biot = this is the stop for Biot by the sea (not Biot Village), Biot train station and Marineland, Kids Island, AntibesLand

Passerelle = Antibes (cross the railway overbridge for Antibes train station). IMPORTANT NOTE:  As at Monday 21 July 2014, the new bus interchange station at the Passerelle stop in Antibes is not open yet.

Passerelle bus stop in Antibes, still unopened at May 2014

Passerelle bus interchange station in Antibes, still unopened at 21 July 2014

In replacement of the Passerelle bus station, there are some temporary stops for the 200 bus if you are travelling to/from Antibes:

From Nice direction TO Antibes:  As a replacement for the Passerelle stop, there is a temporary stop on boulevard Général Vautrin. It is outside Hotel Le Collier, a small sign says ‘ Arrêt Provisoire’.  This is the stop you should get off at if you need to go to Antibes train station or port (then you can cross the road and the overbridge to the train station). Or the other stop which is the nearest to Antibes’ main square Place de  Gaulle and the old town is called ‘Dir. Chaudon’ which is on rue Directeur Chaudon.

From Antibes TO Nice direction:  There are 2 stops in Antibes for the 200 bus if you are leaving from Antibes in the Nice direction – the first one is named ‘Dugommier’ and is located outside the Sushi Shop/Monoprix on boulevard Dugommier, and the second one is a temporary stop on boulevard Général Vautrin.  Photos below:

First stop for 200 bus leaving Antibes heading in Nice direction (outside Sushi Shop/Monoprix). The designated 200 stop is the one directly outside Sushi Shop however sometimes the 200 bus has been known to stop outside the Monoprix so be warned it may stop at any of these bus stops along this stretch:

200 bus Antibes to Nice (bus departs outside Monoprix on blvd Dugommier)

200 bus Antibes to Nice (bus departs outside Sushi Shop/Monoprix on blvd Dugommier)

Second stop for 200 bus leaving Antibes heading in Nice direction (a temporary bus stop on boulevard Général Vautrin, it is near the overbridge, opposite Antibes Bike Center and IRC France (depannage informatique) a computer repair store).  There is no shelter at this bus stop for hot or adverse weather, or seating so bear this in mind:

Temporary stop for 200 bus Antibes to Nice, boulevard Général Vautrin

Temporary stop for 200 bus Antibes to Nice, boulevard Général Vautrin

Régence = this is the closest stop to Juan les Pins central. This stop is less than 10 minutes walk from Juan les Pins train station and seafront.

Square Nabonnand = central Golfe Juan

Gare Routière = this is Cannes main stop located near Hôtel de Ville and Cannes port. Less than 5 minutes walk to the Palais des Festivals / Croisette.

The 200 bus timetable is found here 200bus

  • Bus 200 night-bus:  Same route as the number 200 day bus, but this operates late nights on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and bank holidays only. Timetable here noctambus_200NiceCannes
  • Bus 210: This is the express service between Nice Airport and Cannes as it travels on the autoroute as opposed to the longer suburban bus 200 route via Juan les Pins, Antibes etc Timetable is here 210NiceAirportCannesExpress
  • Bus 250: Express service between Nice and Golfe Juan, including stops at Antibes and Juan les Pins. This bus has designated luggage storage, it is less crowded than bus 200 and has a faster journey time. Downside, more expensive.  Tip: I have used both buses and I would recommend this bus if you are traveling with lots of luggage, or children as bus 200 while cheaper is much busier and there is no designated luggage storage.  Timetable is here 250busExpressNiceAirportGolfeJuan


Bus 250 to Antibes FROM Nice direction, get off at the stop in Antibes named ‘Chaudon’, on rue Directeur Chaudon.

Bus 250 leaving Antibes TO Nice direction, the 250 stop for Antibes is on boulevard Général Vautrin, it is near the overbridge, opposite Antibes Bike Center and IRC France (depannage informatique) a computer repair store.  The 250 does not go through Antibes centre it is only the 200 bus that leaves from outside the Sushi Shop/Monoprix in Antibes.

Temporary stop for 200 and 250 bus Antibes to Nice, boulevard Général Vautrin

Temporary stop for 200 and 250 bus Antibes to Nice, boulevard Général Vautrin

  • Bus 500: From Nice to Grasse including a stop at Nice Airport. The stop at Nice Airport is at Terminal 1, platform 4. Buy your ticket from the bus ticket office near to the stop. Please note, if you take more than one carry-on bag they may charge you €1 per extra bag, and oversize luggage (larger than 165cms, for example snowboards) €5 per item.  Timetable is here 500NiceGrasse

All timetables are subject to change.

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  1. Very Informative.
    Bus Network is almost quite better than other transportation system everywhere. Bus Transportation services are very affordable as compare to air, train services. there are many transport companies whom offers tour packages, and other bus services in every region almost on reasonable rental prices.


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