Eat and drink – JUAN LES PINS (Londinium)

We chose this restaurant for a couples dinner and after looking at the menu’s along the seafront the prices here seemed reasonable.

They had 4 formule menus on offer, though most had fish or shellfish options so if you don’t eat seafood like me you are better to choose something a la carte (off the menu by dish).

We both chose the €17,50 menu which consisted of a main and dessert. The main options were lamb chops, or magret de canard (duck) or dorade (fish). The lamb and fish were served with rice, grilled tomatoes and basil which sounded nice. Duck was served with julienne vegetables and paysanne potatoes. We ordered duck and the dessert was fruit salad with a scoop of strawberry icecream.

The duck itself was cooked perfectly in the middle, but the edges of the duck were overcooked and it resembled steak as it seemed to be flame-grilled.  This was saved however by a lovely honey sauce accompanying the duck. The julienne vegetables was a tasty stir-fry assortment,  and the potatoes were light and fluffy inside and lightly roasted on the outside – really delicious.  Portion sizes were OK – I did end up feeling slightly hungry so nibbled on some bread.

The dessert was disappointing.  Fruit salad with watermelon, rockmelon and pineapple topped by strawberry icecream.  The watermelon was overripe therefore it was soggy and soft.  We ordered café noisettes which were over-extracted.

The wine list had a reasonable selection, and many drink prices were lower than neighbouring restaurants. (€18 for an AOC bottle of white wine which is fair for this area, and many liqueurs and spirits were cheaper than bars only 200 metres away, some had a variation of being cheaper by €4 a drink for a Kir. Bottled water was also cheaper than neighbouring restaurants).

Service was prompt on arrival, with a nice greeting from the owner and the waiter explained the specials.  Our waiter was friendly and polite, though he was overworked as he was the only server for outside tables until another waitress arrived.  The barman was also friendly.

There are numerous tables outside on a terrace that can be covered from the sun, and it is a big restaurant inside also so good for a group booking.  There were 2 baby high chairs for patrons to use and the staff were friendly towards the families dining.  There were accessible toilets with no stairs.  Good selection of English music playing Top 40 hits.

Would recommend, their prices for set menus are very reasonable compared to restaurants right on the beach.  We paid just over €60 euros for 2 main courses, 2 desserts, a bottle of wine,  a 500ml bottle of Badoit sparkling water and 2 coffees.


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