Activities – MANDELIEU (San Peyre summit walk)

Most people are familiar with Mandelieu La Napoule for the beautiful Château de la Napoule on the waterfront, however there is a less visited nearby landmark which is also family-friendly – and a free activity too.


Château de la Napoule

The nearby volcanic cone of San Peyre offers a medium-grade uphill walk through shaded forest path, onto a paved walkway.


There are a handful of steps so it is not wholly wheelchair-accessible, however the carpark area has picnic tables and flat walking areas for travellers with reduced mobility. There are no toilet facilities in this park which is a downside.


The walk itself takes just 10 minutes uphill leading to some small fenced chapel ruins, and an orientation table in the old donjon (keep) with views across to Cannes, Tanneron, the Lérins Islands, Mandelieu and Théoule.


Our toddler son managed to walk up most of the way, however do be warned the path is not fenced and there are steep rock cliffs.


Now, here is the part where the Tourist Office map leads you astray; this Conseil General website (map below) is confusing.


If you visit San Peyre from the coast road (the D6098) coming from Cannes La Bocca past the Château on your left, you then turn left at the next intersection and then you must turn right at the next roundabout. The Tourist Office map above and other websites tell you this road is boulevard du Bon Puits – THIS IS NOT CORRECT! This road is called avenue Jacques Soustelle; it then changes to boulevard du Bon Puits further up. At the roundabout the sign says ‘avenue Jacques Soustelle’, so that’s my tip, don’t even bother to look for signage for boulevard du Bon Puits at this roundabout junction as you will not find it.

Follow avenue Jacques Soustelle up the hill to the traffic lights and turn right at the traffic lights into boulevard de la Ginesta (continuing to the left). This leads onto chemin du San Peyre (also not on the Tourist Office maps!) which has the small carpark under the trees. The summit path starts 100 metres to the right up the tarmaced hill.


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