General information – Tourisme et Handicap sites

I am currently reviewing the information given on the website regarding wheelchair-friendly accessibility in the French Riviera region.

This website also covers Provence and Sud Alpes regions, and provides tourism information for wheelchair-bound travellers, and hearing and sight-impaired travellers by the Comité Regional de Tourisme Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

The website has good information regarding transport sectors and accessible beaches, however I have run a few searches and found that it is lacking in information regarding restaurants (none viewed across the entire Riviera region), suggested outdoor itineraries (only 6 suggested walks across the region) and leisure activities (only 3 activities displayed in searches in the region for wheelchair-bound travellers in Antibes, Cannes and St-Maxime).

The website is in French only so I have emailed the Regional Committee to enquire about an English equivalent and if not I will be translating it for them and suggesting other accessible options obtained during my own research via my blog.

Will keep you posted on progress!

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