An update on greener living…

August and everything after

The month of August is going well so far regarding my pledge from 01 August to try to live more sustainably.

Small steps to healthier living

The natural cleaning products I have been trialling have replaced synthetic commercial brands and I have noticed it is more cost-effective.

We are making a big effort on reducing packaging waste via individual biscuit wrappers etc and in the warm weather our son is preferring to eat chilled fruit anyway. I am also purchasing a ‘bento-type’ kids lunchbox from which looks great for lunches and snacks and helps us continue to shun using plastic wrap.

We have delivered 3 large sacks to the charity shop of preloved clothes, toys and books so someone else can reuse our unwanted goods.

My next project is finding a decent homemade muesli bar recipe as our son loves muesli bars but I’m resisting the store-bought ones due to the individual wrappers! My last attempt at homemade muesli bars was a fail as they didn’t stick together well so if any readers could suggest a fail-proof low-sugar recipe I would be grateful.

What are the measures you take with your family for healthier living?


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