Eat and drink – ANTIBES (La Caravane Passe)

My mother always told me ‘Trust your instincts’ and when I walked into La Caravane Passe I knew this was one of those places I was happy to find.

My blog is aimed at families who travel with baby buggies/strollers (and also wheelchair bound travellers) who need accessible restaurants however for this review I am going against the grain and reviewing a nice cafeteria that is not wholly accessible as it is a great find.

You could quite easily miss La Caravane Passe if you visit Antibes as it is not on the tourist track – it is however only a few minutes walk from the centre of the old town and is situated on rue Vauban, a through road between the La Famiglia restaurant and Don Camillos pizza restaurant.

At first glance you think you have entered an Aladdin’s cave – a wonderful array of items are displayed in the front of the shop such as exotic silks, woven fabrics, fragrant candles, crockery, cushions, distressed wooden furniture and lamps.

Photo reprinted courtesy of

Photo reprinted courtesy of

But my review is based on what is found at the back of this treasure trove – a secret garden, or salon de thé to be precise.  What a lovely little spot to enjoy a range of coffees (un café for €1,50), specialty teas (they have a ‘house’ specialty tea with 5-spice, cloves, ginger and cinnamon) or artisanal icecream.  It is also very quiet noise-wise and was shaded on the day I visited which offered relief from a hot day in Antibes old town heaving with summertime tourists.

Photo reprinted courtesy of

Photo reprinted courtesy of

The garden is reached via a set of steps (4 or 5 steps, I forgot to count!) so this is why it is not accessible with wheels – though the shop itself is.  Families with children at walking age, or travellers with reduced mobility who can manage a few steps will be fine. There is a toilet onsite that is accessed through the small workshop by the salon de thé counter; the door is a single-frame and not very wide so you can’t fit a baby buggy in but you can park it outside in the shop.

I will be returning to La Caravane Passe – I’m glad I found it and trusted my instincts to wander inside. My mum would be proud and I’ll bring her here next time she visits us.

La Caravane Passe, 37 rue Vauban, 06600 Antibes

Opening hours:  All day Tuesday-Saturday  (closed during lunch time)




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