Activities – NICE (Children’s theatre show – 13 July)

A bonus of living in this region is the great weather to enjoy the outdoors, however occasionally it is nice to sample indoor activities and there is a Saturday show for children occurring this Saturday 13 July at Théâtre Athena (Compagnie Athena) in Nice.

This small theatre is located close to the main Nice train station, and stages comedy, drama, theatre for all ages.  However, while the school holidays are on they are having a theatre show for children aged 4 and upwards.

The summary of the show is a pirate floats on his raft and while fishing he catches a mermaid, who is ill because of all the plastic bags that are dumped in the ocean.  Bobby Joe, the king of the sea, must try to save all the sea creatures in the ocean and defeat the evil wizard Purula who pollutes the ocean.  Perhaps his good deeds will win the heart of the beautiful mermaid, Julie?


Théâtre Athena – Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

Where:  Théâtre Athena, 21 rue d’Alsace Lorraine

When:  Saturday 13 July at 5pm

Suited for ages 4 years and upwards

Tickets:  8,94 euros including taxes – contact the theatre via email or online via the theatre’s website

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