Eat and drink – ANTIBES (Choopy’s)

Choopy’s is a great little place that everyone who is a regular tells their friends and guests about.

Just through the archway (on rue Republique you will see the archway 20metres to the left of the Maison Rober supermarket) you could easily walk past Choopy’s if you stick to the main tourist route, but step through the doorway (mind the few steps it’s not wheelchair accessible but fine for baby strollers/buggies) and you will be greeted by friendly staff and a counter of delicious cupcakes.

They have an impressive coffee menu – and for Antipodeans they are the only cafe in the area that I have noticed has a ‘flat white’ (milky coffee). The interior of the cafe is not big, but in the seating area past the counter there are cosy tables and benches and they even have a toybox for little ones (considerate for the mummy coffee groups!).

There is a toilet onsite, however not accessible for a whole baby buggy/stroller. When I visited (our group was 2 adults, 1 baby and 1 toddler) there was already another family with toddler using the toybox but with a bit of rearranging of buggies/strollers we fitted in. There is also free Wifi to use while eating your cupcake!

The cupcakes are delicious and they have a good range of interesting flavours (last time I was here they had Bounty bar, mint chocolate etc) I ate a mint chocolate flavour which was really chocolatey but not sickly, and they often theme their cupcakes to a special day or event. If you visit, you won’t be disappointed.


Address: corner of rue Vial and rue Marc

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