Activities – SAINT LAURENT DU VAR (Fête du terroir)

A family day is being held this Saturday 01 September in St-Laurent du Var between 10am-7pm.

Locations: Parc Layet, avenue du 11 novembre and place de la Résistance.

Cost:  Free entry

Attractions include:

  • Treasure hunt in Parc Layet for children aged 7-11 years (reservations made in advance at the Office du Tourisme)
  • Mini farm with chickens, goats, sheep, rabbits
  • Carousel
  • Horse and cart rides
  • Chocolate making lesson
  • Cheese making lesson
  • Cooking demonstrations by ‘Top Chef’ and ‘Masterchef’ contestants
  • Dance demonstrations
  • Sales of local products
  • Painting and sculpture exhibits
  • Onsite restaurant with drinks and Niçoises specialities

    More information is at


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