Activities – ANTIBES (La Ferme du Far West)

La Ferme du Far West is one of the theme parks that make up the big Marineland complex.  You can buy a stand-alone ticket for just the farm, or buy a pass to combine it with entrance to the adjacent parks Aquasplash, Marineland and/or Adventure Golf.

The entire site is flat and reasonably well-paved (aside from a few potholes) so it is easily accessible for families with baby buggies/strollers, or travelers with reduced mobility.

We visited with our 21-month old son and there were not many activities for children this age.  It is more suitable for children aged 4 years or older as some of the attractions/rides have a minimum age (e.g. ‘Playmobil’ playroom children must be 3 years and older; inflatable slides 4 years and older etc).

The park has farm animals to pet including goats, rabbits, sheep and ponies.  There are various rides suited to our son’s age with adult supervision (Wild West train, ride-on galloping ponies).

Wild West train

There is a restaurant onsite selling sandwiches, French fries and icecreams but the park doesn’t have picnic tables so it is not suited if you are planning to take a picnic yourself and stay for the day.


Our son enjoying the hands-on animal experiences – petting the goats and rabbits, watching roosters wandering around freely, looking at horses, cows, llamas, geese, guinea pigs.

farm animals

There is a playground so if your child gets bored with the rides you can let them run around there.

If all else fails, buy an icecream.


If you park your car in the big Marineland carparking area, it costs an additional 7€ for parking fees on top of park entrance fees.  The only machines to pay for parking are situated by the carpark exit.

Maintenance for the park should be a better standard – there were large potholes filled with water, refreshment machines selling cold drinks were out of order, the gold mine exhibit had lightbulbs not working, ride-on toys out of order.  For the entry price you pay, they should be upgrading or at least maintaining attractions.

The children’s playground onsite has no shelter from the sun so make sure you have lots of sunscreen and a hat for your children.  My recommendation is the park installs a sun-shade over the playground.

The ‘Magic River’ ride is closed for La Ferme patrons until mid-September as they allow access in summertime for people at the adjoining Aquasplash water complex.

The pony rides (3 years and older with adult supervision) are free for your first ride; additional rides cost 2€ each (something you will not find mentioned on their website).

Ride-on mechanical horses, wagons etc are coin-operated and around 2€ per ride.

The entrance price for the park is 13€ per adult, 10€ for children from 3 years upwards and free for under 3 years.  A fairer price based on the restricted number of attractions would be 8€ per adult and 6€ per child.

Overall it is an OK theme park to spend a few hours experiencing a few rides and the farm animals close-up, but it is not somewhere to spend a whole day.


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