Activities – GRASSE (Fête du Jasmin 2012)

Smell is one of the strongest senses, and in particular the smell of jasmine reminds me of walking home from school as a child past my neighbour’s fence trailing with stems of fragrant flowers of jasmine, or sitting in the shade in Asia trying to escape the humidity.  Jasmine is a beautiful fragrance.

The Jasmine Festival (Fête du Jasmin) is held annually in the town of Grasse and marks the start of the jasmine harvest.  The festival is brought to life by a flower parade, colourful bands and global street performers, dancers displaying Bollywood and salsa moves, food displays and a beauty pageant.

Unfortunately, I am working on Saturday when most of the festival action happens, however the festival is held across 3 days so I’m hoping we can visit to enjoy the atmosphere and displays.

Fête du Jasmin 2012 – Friday 3 August, Saturday 4 August, Sunday 5 August 2012


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