Sightseeing – LA GAUDE (Gallo-Romain festival)

Next weekend Friday 06 July, Saturday 07 July and Sunday 08 July the town of La Gaude is holding it’s second festival showcasing the life and times of the Gauls, and the Roman Legion.

There will be gladiator displays, druids, a mock village with taverna, iron and pottery craftsmen, a gladiator ‘school’ for children, archery lessons and music.  A banquet and concert is arranged for Saturday evening serving traditional Gaulois food including roast boar (reservations for the dinner are however full but you can go on a waiting list).  If you fancy really getting into the vibe of the festival, there will be costume hire available.

We are hoping to attend with my partner’s family, and will dress our son in appropriate Roman costume!

La Gaude is a short distance from Cagnes-sur-Mer and Nice – for festival details and directions to La Gaude visit the festival website at

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