Eat and drink – ANTIBES (Cesar Cafe)

I had never eaten crêpes prior to visiting France.  Sure, I have eaten pancakes many times but crêpes are much lighter tasting, thinner in thickness and generally larger in radius.

Many restaurants sell crêpes and you can get one with all types of toppings – sweetened with Nutella, savoury with cheeses and meats, or the slightly naughty Crêpe Suzette drizzled with caramelised sugar, butter, citrus juice, zest and Grand Marnier liqueur, served flambé.

I opted for a ‘Citronelle’ crêpe yesterday at Cesar Cafe (5 rue Aubernon, 06600 Antibes. Telephone: +33 4 93 34 03 22), a dinner plate-sized crêpe coated in sugar and fresh lemon juice.  There is something about the combination of sticky sweet sugar and zesty lemon juice with a soft foldable crêpe base that is so delicious….I devoured my crêpe in about 2 minutes, and my companion’s crêpe ‘Londonnais’ with ham, egg and the addition of mushrooms went down a treat and was pronounced delicious also.

Cesar Cafe is small in size and the tables are close to each other but don’t be put off if you have a family and baby buggy/stroller.  There are tables outside to park your stroller.  There is one small step to the interior of the cafe, though the doorway to the toilet is narrow so unfortunately the toilet facilities are not wheelchair-accessible.  The cafe also keeps open a small window for ventilation at ground level that opens inwards in front of the bathroom door so you will find it difficult to pass if you are less mobile.

The waiter was friendly and has lived locally for 13 years so he is used to peak season tourists, and rather than rush us through our meal he bought water cups and more coffee.

The cost was 5,50€ for the citron crêpe, 8,50€ for the londannais crêpe (extra price for mushrooms) and 1,70€ for expressos (cafés).

Recommended for a quick snack or coffee break when in old town Antibes.

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