The ‘Bataille des Fleurs’ (Battle of the Flowers) is an annual festival that takes place in various locations along the French Riviera, and is a great family-friendly event.  Different floats are covered in flowers and dressed up to a theme, there are musicians, clowns, dancers and the ‘battle’ is not between the floats but the spectators trying to catch the flowers – often carnations – that are thrown from the floats.  Quite often you can see spectators scrambling for an armful of flowers to take home!

We are going to the ‘Bataille des Fleurs’ parade this evening along the streets in Juan les Pins (7pm-8pm), this year’s theme is ‘Happy Birthday’ so it will be interesting to see the variations of this.  Tomorrow, the same floats will be restocked again with more blooms for the parade in Antibes – starting at 5.30pm, it weaves it’s way through old town Antibes finishing at Port Vauban.

Battle of the Flowers last year 2011

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