The ability to travel for most people is dependent on many components – money and career, time, companions, dreams and desire, wanting to learn about other cultures….the list goes on.

However, for some travelers their traveling experiences may be limited due to physical or learning disabilities.  In the past, I used to coach a Special Olympics football team and we played matches away from our home city and therefore it was an event in itself to arrange transport, accommodation, activities for a group of players with different physical and intellectual needs.

Whilst this blog was created in part to provide a source of information for families using strollers/buggies, or wheelchair users that may visit the French Riviera, my inspiration does not stop there.

Recently, I have heard of a company that is not located on the French Riviera but nearby in Provence – another beautiful area of southern France, in particular the Gorges du Verdon with it’s stunning turquoise-green waters and limestone cliffs.  This company – Go Provence – offers supported holidays for travelers who may be limited in their travel options due to finances, or a learning, development or intellectual disability.

What a great idea to support people who may not have the opportunity to experience a holiday in such a beautiful location!  Please visit their website for more information and to sponsor someone else’s dream of travel

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