Eat and drink – MENTON

This year we visited Menton for the Fête du Citron, an annual festival celebrating the famous Mentonnais citrus fruits.  We visited the Bioves Jardins where they had an exhibition of fantastic sculptures created from lemons, oranges and agrumes and after taking lots of photos of the displays we strolled to the waterfront in search of lunch.

Fête du Citron, Menton

It was a warm sunny day in Menton and what better way to take advantage of the clear day than to eat overlooking the sea.  La Dolce Vita (15 promenade de la Mer, 06500 Menton.  Telephone:+33 0493354450) is a private beach club but is set up to cater well for families.  There is a ramp to the beach so it is suitable also for wheelchair users.

The restaurant served pizza with Italian flair and had miniature chairs for children.  It was still too cold for swimming but I understand that in summer, there is an air-conditioned children’s playroom with TV, DVD’s, mini beds for nap time and a child-size miniature toilet and shower.  A lifeguard watches over a roped-off swim area in the ocean, and there is a playground on the sand with inflatable toys.   Two childminders are employed in summer to entertain children 5 years and older (younger children can participate in the games but must be accompanied by an adult).

We will definitely be back to check the playroom facilities and service on a busy summer’s day, perhaps even to sample a chilled limoncello while our son plays on the sand.

the famous Menton citrus fruits

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