Eat and drink – JUAN LES PINS

People-watching in the sunshine!   what a lovely way to end an afternoon of strolling the promenade in Juan les Pins.  One of the best places to people-watch in Juan les Pins is at Le Crystal, a busy café/bar on the intersection of Avenue Georges Gallice and opposite the Eden Casino.  The tables are often busy, the waiters are prompt and friendly bringing complimentary snacks (mini pizza bites, tapenade and toasts) and the cocktail selection is excellent.  There are non-alcoholic cocktails to thrill the children with their traffic-light colours and decorations including paper butterflies and sparklers.  Food is served including ice-creams, sushi and more traditional snacks such as croque monsieur (toasted ham and cheese sandwich).  They have TV screens inside showing music videos and often football (though I wouldn’t recommend it specifically as a sports bar), and in the evenings there is normally music playing and it becomes more lively.   This café/bar is stroller-friendly and wheelchair-accessible, though the toilets are accessed via a narrow doorway so you can’t take your entire stroller or wheelchair into the toilet area.

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